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im getting into a jogging regime to get fit in excersize, can anyone give me any advice while im doing this?

to help me get fit

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6 Responses to “im getting into a jogging regime to get fit in excersize, can anyone give me any advice while im doing this?”

  1. starcp76 said :

    its all about keeping each run up and never stopping your programme

  2. ryan said :

    dont over do it

  3. fina said :

    if you’re jogging to lose weight, burn fat or raise your endurance, you might want to consider some High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). this is where you alternate between aerobic and anerobic cardio. it’s been show by many researchers to burn more body fat, push your heart and endurance more, and also help you lose more weight. it’s nice break mentally to do a 45 minute jog one day, and then the next day, do 45 minutes of HIIT. it worked for me, and kept me from getting bored with my routine

  4. edthespartan said :

    First, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Track your daily and weekly running totals with a running log. Make sure to have 2-3 “off” days each week to recover, and try to increase your overall mileage for the week by about 10% each week.

    Next, cross-train. Mix up longer, slower runs with shorter, quicker ones; add in some resistance (weight) training, swap the occasional run for time on a bike, elliptical trainer, playing swimming, whatever.

    Also – hydrate. Bring a water bottle along and sip a a couple ounces ever mile or 10 minutes, whichever comes first. You’ll be amazed what this does for your endurance and recovery time. On a related note, when you “plateau” and can’t seem to improve your speed or distance or shed any more weight, improving your diet (not necessarily eating less, just eating healthier) will usually get you back on track.

    Get good running shoes from a good store that caters to runners. You’ll pay a bit more but you’ll be more comfortable and less likely to get injured. Plan on retiring your shoes after about 300 miles of running in them.

    Participate in road races! There’s always a 5K (3.1 mile) or 10K race coming up. They’re fun and really good motivators.

    Lastly, hills are your friends. Hills build muscle, burn calories and increase speed and endurance like nobody’s business.

  5. brimir7 said :

    Make sure you lifting as well as jogging. The first helps build muscle. The second helps to lose body fat.

    Also, make sure you don’t do both at the same time. Keep running separate from lifting.

    Run and walk on a regular schedule. Don’t do the same run and same walk again and again. The same goes for lifting. I’ll explain.

    The body gets used to whatever exercise you are doing. It becomes more efficient at it, which means you burn less calories and stop gaining strength and endurance. Most people call this plateauing.

    The secret is to run/walk the same times every week but always add some variance to it. Run sprints one day, run for distance another day, do interval training the next. Make sure you are always shooting for gains (another way to vary things.) The mixture of the training keeps the body off balance so you are less likely to plateau.

  6. freddy said :

    test how far the furthest you can run is aand try to figure out what pace you feel comfortable running aat. when you have decided this, plan a run that isnt as far as your boy will allow but about 50-75% of it 🙂 thats if you really wanna push yourself. plan each run, try to very each run and where you go 🙂 when you decide to run somewhere, do! don’t stop for anything and eventually your body will get used to that sort of distance 🙂 when you feel completely relaxed at that distance push yourself by either running faster for the distance or increasing the distance you run 🙂 take a small bottle of water with you, try nt to over do it and push yourslef when you feel you can.

    variety in where you go and consistancy in the distance and how often you run are essential 🙂

    enjoy 🙂 x


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