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How to cut body fat is my main concerns. Can anyone give me advice how to cut down body fat?

How to cut body fat is something i want to learn. I am extremely overweighted and people make fun of me cause I’m too obese. Finding a solution to how to cut down my body fat would mean a great deal to me. So if someone with similiar experience can give me a word of advice in regards to how to cut down my body fat, I would greatly appreciate it.

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6 Responses to “How to cut body fat is my main concerns. Can anyone give me advice how to cut down body fat?”

  1. ? said :

    I usually go to the plastic surgen and they cut the fat for me. I dont know how to do it myself

  2. Rishi K said :

    Yes, we’ve all heard it before. In order to get rid of abdominal fat you get on a diet plan and training routine.

    But what you haven’t heard is that you have to cycle your training and eating plans. Let me explain what I mean. When you are on a steady and healthy diet, coupled with a discrete training routine, there’s no doubt you’ll have no problem to burn fat and get rid of abdominal fat, but what happens is over a small time period (a few weeks to a month) your body adapts to its daily activities, and to put it simply, you no longer burn body fat and abdominal fat at the same pace as before.

    This is why you must cycle your diet. Essentially what this is is a process in which you eat a certain amount of calories, carbs, proteins, and fats in a certain fashion. Take note of those numbers, and the following day completely change those amounts moderately.

    The idea here to trick your metabolism into thinking it needs to burn more body fat. One of the best ways on how to get rid of abdominal fat is to have a groundbreaking eating plan. I don’t really like to call them “diets,” because we all know diets don’t work, you need to be on a plan.

    With just eating smarter alone you can burn as much as 9 pounds every 11 days. Here’s a guide I personally recommend that thoroughly demonstrates the art of calorie shifting for fat loss and why it’s best way on how to burn body fat and get rid of that tummy fat.

  3. said :

    Hey there,
    The main things to do are, Eat healthy and exercise plenty! try cutting down on carbohydrates/sugar/fat and try getting about half an hour exercise or more a day. p.s: don’t try things like fat tablets, they ruin your skin and don’t stop eating completely because your body will grab onto fat the first time you eat again.

  4. Jan S said :

    basically it’s eat less and exercise more. Brisk walking and swimming are safe ways to exercise if you are very overweight. You should be slightly out of puff for 20-30 minutes.

    Eat plenty of fruit, veg, pasta, rice, fish, lean chicken and low fat foods. Cut out fried stuff, burgers, fast foods, cookies, chocolate, pastry. You will get there. Good luck and I hope you make it.

  5. Liz S said :

    eat plenty lean meat , fruit and veggies cut out sugar and bread the less carbs you take the better and the faster you will lose weight .restrict your fruit to berries if possible because most fruit has sugar in it base your diet on fish like tuna and lean meat good luck

  6. michaelbruce1 said :

    go on this website it wil answer everything you need to know.


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