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How to lose weight and what is best way to get the desired goal?

I am obese and want to lose weight. I want to know the process how to lose moderately.

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6 Responses to “How to lose weight and what is best way to get the desired goal?”

  1. mazoku_koneko said :

    What I’ve been doing, and it works when I have the self control to do it.
    1) Exercise
    2) Eat no more than 1550 calories
    3) Eat more than 1,200 calories
    4) Make sure you’re getting all the vitamins and minerals that you need.

  2. Waseem Safdar said :

    Follow the step by step approach to avoid confusion:
    – Analyze your BMI (Body Mass Index)
    – Check your diet intake and energy expenditure (daily routine)
    – Reduce high caloric diet and start exercising
    – Brisk walk is very essential especially after dinner
    – Keep checking your weight on regular basis (it will make you conscious)
    – Make it your habit otherwise regaining the lost weight is very common
    – 5-10% of total body wt. loss is normal and recommended.
    – Don’t look for medicinal wt. loss since it has potentially toxic effects on kidneys.

  3. baqup said :

    Waseems answer is best.

    Whatever you do, do it safely so you dont end up bigger than you started. Lose weight at a managable pace.

    Read some other blogs out there…see what others are doing and if it is working.

    Ted Blompy has a decent blog which he tells about the different programs he tries and if it works or not.

  4. yeschef2003 said :

    The goal when losing weight is to lose moderately.

    Since you already realize this, then you are better able to lose weight without disappointment.

    By changing your negative behaviors step by step you can lose weight.

    – walking
    – controlling your portion in the kitchen, not on your plate
    – Choosing the correct times to eat
    – eating enough of the right foods.

  5. WW Guy said :

    The best way to reach your ultimate goal is to set smaller goals that are more easily attainable. Each time that you reach one of your goals you set a new goal for the next month and repeat the whole process. The article below has some good goal setting advice.

  6. Kitty. <3 said :


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