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How severe is pulling a muscle in your neck?

I learned that I pulled a muscle in my neck and while my own pain has fluctuated from minimal to very severe, I wanted to know how bad pulling a muscle in your neck actually is? Should it be this painful or am I unknowingly overreacting? Does it vary significantly?


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2 Responses to “How severe is pulling a muscle in your neck?”

  1. Me said :

    A pulled muscle is painful, but it is impossible to know how bad yours is over the internet.

    You might take a shower and let the warm water beat on that muscle. A nice layer of Tiger Balm all the way from your scalp to the base of your neck on both sides will help relax it. Take an otc pain tab like aspirin, Tylenol, or Ibuprofen.

    Depending on what you were doing when the muscles were injured, you may need to go see a doctor for some powerful muscle relaxers or go to a chiropractor. Both will insist on x-rays to make sure you haven’t damaged your vertebra. Insist on it before a chiropractor tries to adjust your spine if it isn’t proposed. Better yet, find another chiropractor!

    Try to hold your head still as much as possible. If you have a thin pillow or a towel folded lengthwise you can wrap around your neck to support your head like the cervical collar used for accident victims it will help immobilize your head. If you have no way to do that, you are going to have to consciously turn your entire upper body to see something to the side. Make sure your neck is well supported when you lie down.

    If it is just a pulled/strained muscle you should be feeling better within a day or two. If it is whiplash of some sort, you need medical intervention.


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