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How much body fat percentage do you need to start your period?

I read somewhere you need a certain percentage of body fat before you can get your period… someone tell me more about this?

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7 Responses to “How much body fat percentage do you need to start your period?”

  1. Ella U said :

    Omg I really would like to know that too! But I heard sometimes it doesn’t have to do with weight, it has to do more with how far ur into puberty.

  2. 13thRowPyro said :

    While it is true that some ppl who lose a significant amt of weight can stop periods for a while or skip them, it’s less of a factor in first menstruation.

    Many underweight, downright skinny ppl have periods. It’s more a question of your mother’s family history. Hereditary determines puberty more than environmental factors. You’re likely to have menarche around the same age as your mother’s side of the family.

  3. JJ*Poo said :

    I think you just have to WEIGHT a certain amount. I dont think it depends of body fat. Like if your really tall but skinny you might weigh enough to get it. Thats what I read.

  4. Nicole said :

    Yes it does not depend on how much body fat you have. Generally, you should be about 90-100 pounds before you begin your period. I also heard that eating really fast will help you gain a few pounds.

  5. Olivia said :

    Alot of people that I have asked say that you normally start your period around seven stone.

  6. katherine said :

    i dont think weight doesnt involve periods…some people have it when there in high school or middle school maybe even elamentary

  7. Gale said :

    I once saw a PBS show that said when girls have 13% body fat, they have enough fat in their body to make enough estrogen to trigger menstruation. It was very interesting. They followed identical twins, and the girls hit 13% and started their periods within a month of each other.


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