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How does your weight fluctuate during the day?

Yesterday I weighed like 101 and right now I weigh 104?!? So is water weight or did I really gain three pounds? I am kind of freaking out. Usually how much can your weight fluctuate? Like from night untill morning?

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8 Responses to “How does your weight fluctuate during the day?”

  1. Azian Rupunzel said :

    WATER WEIGHT! You’re usually at your lightest in the morning. Then through out the day you drink fluids and eat which will give you a lb or 2.

  2. sf_omega said :

    Umm.. You’ve eaten. And you’ve drank water. Yeah.

  3. girl said :

    yes water- food-constipation- lots of things fluctuate. weigh yourself once a week the same day first thing- with no clothes on. Don’t worry about the scale beyond that- its inconsistent. ALSO YOU PERIOD WILL Make you gain crazy water.

  4. ersof59 said :

    You seem obsessed if you are weighing yourself more than once a day. I think if you don’t have a weight problem or are on diet, once a month is enough. I am sure a person’s weight might fluctuate from morning to evening but I wouldn’t proclaim to be an expert.

  5. crazyrunnergrl said :

    jeez quit stressing out trust me this used to be me you need to STOP weighing yourself- eat and excercise based on feel not on weight. Just trust me You will be so much happier once you stop weighing yourself.

  6. Mark A said :

    Your weight fluctuates based on how hydrated you are, when you last ate and when you exercised. You could easily lose a few pounds after exercising for an hour at high intensity.

  7. Mike said :

    Your weight goes up and down as you eat, drink, go to the bathroom, move around and sweat. It’s normal to fluctuate from day to day and can be influenced by many many factors in your body. If you want a more accurate estimate of your weight, weigh yourself once a week in the morning, wearing the same clothes, after going to the bathroom but before eating. Looking at these numbers over a long time span can give you a better estimate of whether your weight is going up or down.

  8. Jessica said :

    dont worry. I’m usually 103, and I FREAK out about my weight because I’m only 5’1. But one day it was 106 and I cried. but then realized theres no big deal, its just because I ate a lot today and drank a lot. the morning is the best time.


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