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Weight Gain During Pregnancy?

How much weight did you gain during your pregnancy? I’m in my sixth month and have gained 16 lbs, but keep packing it on quickly. 7 of it I gained withing 5 weeks between weeks 15 and 20. I’m trying to stay within a healthy weight range. How did you stay within a good weiht range or did you not? Did you loose the weight quickly after giving birth?

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18 Responses to “Weight Gain During Pregnancy?”

  1. Jackson will be a big brother! said :

    With my son, I only gained 30 pounds during pregnancy and lost all plus 15 morre pounds after he was born.

    This pregnancy, I’m only at week 20 and I’ve already gained 25 pounds…EEEEKKKK!!! lol ,but I plan on breastfeeding and hopefully that will help bring some off at the end.

  2. Mommyof2 said :

    With my first pregnancy I gained 50 pounds (took the eating for two a little too literally). This pregnancy I am 3 weeks away from due date and have only gained 17 pounds and should lose it all within 2 weeks. The 50 pounds took a little longer to get rid of.

  3. s. f. said :

    With my first I gained about 35 pounds, and lost it all within a month of having her. With the second I gained steadily, the right amount of weight but at the end had problems with my bloodsugar and gained 25 pounds in a month so I gained about 50. It took me a little longer to get rid of, about two months but it went away. Just eat right and excercise right and you should be fine 🙂

  4. *Mom of 2* said :

    40 lbs with 1st child and 27 lbs with 2nd child.
    All my baby weight pretty much dropped off when I had the babies.
    I think I had maybe 5 lbs to lose. And it pretty much came off within a couple months!
    Good Luck

  5. Ashley B said :

    I was 115 when I got pregnant with our daughter. By the time I had her I had gained almost 40 pounds! I know its a lot. Our daughter is now 14months old and I am down to 117 pounds. But it did take me a while to get the weight off. But some ppl are back to their size in a few months. All depends on your body. I think you are doing great with the weight gain!

  6. Marilyn said :

    with my first i gain 140 lbs yea wow…. and i gained it all at the end of my pregnancy but the day i gave birth i lost 40 of it and it was all going away quit fast but… yes another but i went on BC and that f*cked up everything and i gain some back

  7. USMCWife<3 said :

    I’m 27 weeks, and i’ve gained 23 pounds. My doctor said he wanted me to gain between 35 and 45.. so it looks like i’m about on target! If my doctor isn’t worried, neither am i.

    I’ve been following Dr. Brewer’s pregnancy diet (with additional carbs because I was slightly under weight to begin with) and walking 3 miles a day. I’ve been told it comes off much faster when you exercise regularly during the pregnancy.. so my fingers are crossed 🙂


  8. autumnrachellstarr said :

    i weighed around 125lbs and 5’7” before my first pregancy. i gained 58lbs and had a planned csection. i did not breastfeed and i lost pretty much all of the weight within a month and a half. i didn’t go out of my way to eat healthy ( idont have bad eating habits but i’m not on a strict diet whatsoever) and honestly, i dont really excercise. i walk a lot but that’s a normal thing, i don’t go out to walk specifically–i’m actually kind of lazy. i think it depends on the father’s genetics really to determine how big the baby will be and how much the baby will consume from you really. typically if you breastfeed, it helps you to lose weight much quicker and your metabolism helps with losing the weight once you go back to your normal hormones and whatnot.

  9. Rebecca J said :

    I am currently ready to give birth I am 9 months. I lost about 15 pounds my first trimester and the third gained it all back plus an additional 6 so tech i am only 6 pounds heavier but have gained 21.

    my secret was every craving last approx 8 min. if you wait 10 min before giving into a craving than you wont crave it anymore or if you still have the craving than go out and get some if it last more than 8 min.

    that helped me from not eating junk food. I also was not able to eat alot of fast food. but now i like like wendys chicken nuggets and chocolate frostys

  10. Mike&Jen Expecting 10/8/09 said :

    Sounds like you haven’t gained too much. Don’t worry! Just eat healthy and walk a lot. 🙂 You will probably lose 15-20 lbs in the hospital.
    It’s only hard to lose weight after you have a baby IF you gain a ton of weight during the pregnancy!

  11. quisha said :

    i gained 25lbs n 15weeks after that i started patting on more bt now im lose all of it by going to the gym

  12. melody [trayce due 5/12/09] said :

    Currently I am 37 weeks and have gained 23 pounds.

  13. erica C said :

    I think you will grain weight get are pregnancy.

  14. Little Girl #2 due May 3rd said :

    I gained 45lbs with my first girl and I have only gained 8 with my 2nd girl I am at 38 1/2 wks. Most of it I lost fairly quickly for me it was the toning everything back that was hard

  15. Ariana said :

    I weighed 108 before I got pregnant. I exercised and ate healthy throughout the pregnancy but still ended up gaining 48 lbs at the end. My doctor said it was because I was so small to begin with. So it just depends on how big you were before you got pregnant and how fast you gain weight. Usually the average weight gain is 25-35 lbs.

  16. baby girl due june 1st, 2009! said :

    i am 34 weeks and have gained 15 pounds so far.

  17. baby boy, due date 17th june said :

    im 32 wks and gained 24lbs. Healthy weight gain depends on our weight before we got pregnant, depends on our BMI (body mass index), weight to height ratio. If fall into normal weight range 25- 35lbs is normal weight gain range.

    Eat healthy, stay happy! lots of fluids, veggies, fruits, nuts and dry fruits are what im relying on. I eat chicken once in a while (I don’t eat any other meat)

    Congrats on ur baby!

  18. Cas and Em's Mommy said :

    With my first I gained 36lbs and dropped them all very quickly. I am 6 1/2 months now and gained about 16lbs.


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