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How does a naturally thin person gain muscle in a short amount of time?

Since summer is here, I am really hoping to gain muscle and weight the right way. As a guy, I really want to just impress the ladies at the beach. I have a month or so to get myself into good shape. Any advice on some exercises i should try and a good diet?

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19 Responses to “How does a naturally thin person gain muscle in a short amount of time?”

  1. Avrumi said :

    benching and a crapload of protein shakes – just do tons of heavy workouts all you can think of

  2. Allah said :

    get a y membership and have one of the instructors get you started on weight lifting
    pullups wont work your pecs or abs btw

  3. Nicky V said :

    um well go to the gym and you don’t necessarily need muscle to empress “the ladies”

  4. tomhale138 said :

    lots of protein, and not lots of reps cause you will probably just burn off the muscle

  5. mattcasey2017 said :


  6. Victoria U said :

    Eat a lot of protein and healthy carbohydrates, such as whole grains. You can also get a weight gain supplement at GNC, make sure you get one with high protein amounts. If you want to work out do weight lifting 5-6 times a week. Each day make sure you work a different muscle group.

  7. Acc travelservices Agent Matthew said :

    2 glasses a day 5raw eggs 1/2 peanutbutter a little milk trust me adds mass fast.

  8. Brenna E said :

    You should do aerobic and weights. Lift weights 2 to 3 times a week, any more than that and you muscles won’t have time to develop.

  9. abs said :

    How to Gain Muscle Fast?
    Your weekly workout plan to gain muscle fast should look like this.
    Day 1 – Upper Body
    Day 2 – Lower Body
    Day 3 – Rest
    Day 4 – Upper Body
    Day 5 – Lower Body
    Day 6 – Rest
    Day 7 – Rest
    If you are interested in how to gain muscle fast, you should also consider doing as little cardio as possible. In fact, I don’t think hard cardio workouts are necessary. They certainly do nothing to help you gain mass. So at the most, do three light cardio workouts for 20 minutes total. That’s it. Remember, you are interested in how to gain muscle fast, not how to burn a lot of calories.
    Your diet should include extra liquid calories to help you get all the protein and carbohydrate you need to build muscle. If you are having a hard time gaining muscle, add more milk and yogurt to your diet, if your stomach can handle it. This is one of the simplest ways to gain muscle fast through nutrition.
    Fast Weight Loss Tips, Quickest Way to Burn Fat, How to Gain Muscle Fast?

  10. Thebomb said :

    muscle gaining isnt a fast process
    if you do it to fast, your muscles will tire out and not even grow.
    One day you can do heavy wieghts and 2 days light. That is what I would recommend. Heavy wieghts means like bench presses, dumbells, etc. If you want to gain muscle, 4 sets of 6-8 and take a minute break. No more. Once you get stronger, you can increase the wieght.

    On the light days, pushups, situps, chin ups are all good. Make sure that every once and a while, you take the day off maybe two to give you muscles a break.

    Eat a lot of protien as that is what builds muscle. As well, after every workout, drink chocolate milk to help grow muscles.

    Good Luck

  11. Ghatid said :

    A lot of skinny guys eat protein powders. I think it’s disgusting myself, but if you want to, you can go ahead. In my opinion, if you’re skinny, just go for the skinny, lean look. There’s no reason to change yourself in order to “impress the ladies”. Some girls like that look…it’ll be a lot easier to impress those and saves you a lot of trouble in the long run. It’s not like you’re a fatass 😀

  12. Yo Dog said :

    Im in the same boat as you.
    Start with stamina training involving lot of running and minimum weights. Drink plenty of water
    sleep atleast 8 hours a day
    eat lot of protein rich food
    no fat food
    no smoking /drinking
    Lots of greens,vegies and fruits.
    consult professional trainer on when/artificial protein supplements….

  13. creed said :

    yeah, eat anything & everything; 4-5 meals a day;; weight training; & weight bearing exercises; dancing, gymnastics, beach volleyball;; you want to stay away from too heavy cardio but ya need it as a warm up;; protein (meats & peanut butter) & bananas help put the weight on for me;; setting my alarm & getting thru 1 snooze helped too; if I awoke right away & got up & going, I could feel the weight pour off, sounds funny, but true

  14. ...... said :

    start by working out. work you biceps, triceps, pectorals, everything! what you want to do is find exercises YOU like, and do them. Your sets should be 10, 8, 6. The weight should make you struggle for the last 2 reps on the last set (6). take a 30 second break between each set.
    as for diet. after 3 days of training you body will need the protein. Start eating high protein foods such as fish or chicken. Replenish your carbs, this helps put on mass. But too much carbs ends up in bad mass (fat). Good luck, ive done just this and now im looking okay. (not being cocky). I mean my body is in pretty good shape, you will even start to get some power veins. And remember, you burn more calories weightlifting then you do while doing cardiovascular exercises.

  15. HNB said :

    some guys aren’t the type that get all buff. some have more lean muscle than bulky muscle and you cant really do anything to change that… besides, girls are impressed by muscles,but they like not completely muscle-y guys too!

  16. funguyy said :

    below is an article with pictures of a 15yr. old who worked out once a week and gained 11lbs. in a month. since he has a nice six pack i would say he gained almost all muscle.
    he just ate more calories to gain weight. about 1200extra calories a day. if he ate 3meals a day then he ate about 400 extra calories per meal for a month.

  17. sweetheart said :

    The only way to gain muscles is to do workouts and activities that will make you well…gain mucles. Hit the gym, pushups, bench press, dumbells, crunches, leg lifts, lunges, everything. Remember: dont push yourself too much becuase it could tear muscles and cause problems then you wouldnt look good for the next FEW months becuase of one mis hap. Take your time.

    Eat aloooot of protein, meat…but healthy meat. like lean meat and grilled chicken. vegetables, water, fruits.

  18. RAM23X said :

    you have to eat protein,
    and work out with heavy weights.
    doing push ups is great but to really gain muscle you have to spend time on a bench with weights.
    you dont have to do any running, your already thin.
    so the best thing to do is eat protein foods and push yourself with the weights. then let your body rest for the rest of the day and the next 2 days, this is so that the muscles that ripped get restored, with more muscle 2. after the next 2 days do another hard workout.

  19. elma t said :

    Its not easy but its simple.. coz its abt our life.. try some excercise but b4 that kno ur body type.. read this.. after reading this u ll kno ur body type and then u can choose right excercise ..which ll help u to gain muscles in short time.. like actors and models .. do for their photoshoot or shooting… try this link…


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