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How do you shrink a fedora for a perfect fit?

I just got a new fedora a month ago, but after keeping it in storage, pulled it out today to find that it seemed to be a tad too big.

Is a fedora too big if I can fit a finger in there? Or should it fit snugly? I noticed that it seems very loose and slides around whenever I look downwards. This is partially remedied when I push it backwards like the stereotypical typing reporter style.

Any ideas how I should go about shrinking it to get a perfect fit? I don’t think the store will replace it since it’s over a month.

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2 Responses to “How do you shrink a fedora for a perfect fit?”

  1. sunshinegirl said :

    Steam it.

  2. Lizzy said :

    You should not be able to put a finger between the hat and your head. If you had a significant haircut, it is probably too big. The easiest way to fix the problem is to get some sticky-back weatherstripping foam, flip down the sweatband and put the foam on the inside of the hat in the back. Add foam until the hat is comfortable. I do this for theatrical productions all the time.

    The “proper” way is to have a form that is your head size to put it on after you steam it. However, the general idea is to remove the sweatband (inside the hat) and the hatband (ribbon on the outside)and steam it until you can see the moisture bead up on the felt. After you let it cool, try it on for size. It should feel like it won’t slip down over your eyebrows, but not so tight that it gives you a headache. Once it’s the right size, reattach the sweatband and hatband.


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