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how can i motivate to loose weight? i have a gym membership but the job keeps changing hours so i can’t get

used to timing and i like to go to the gym when its emptiest so i am not forced off the machines by the fit people, i also overeat a lot and i can’t seem to get that under control. any diets that work i did fat smash last year lost 20 but quickly went back to my old ways. when i joined the gym in jan i weighed 168 now i am back up to 180. HELP!

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3 Responses to “how can i motivate to loose weight? i have a gym membership but the job keeps changing hours so i can’t get”

  1. weasle woman said :


    You can lose 10-25 pounds in one month… safely. Just follow these rules. There are also several recipe books and recipes on her web site.

    I lost 92 pounds, down from 325 lbs. The first week I started eating this way I lost 8 pounds… but it was probably because I was so big to begin with.

    The rules are…
    Food group 1
    Fats, meats, oils, cream, butter

    Food group 2
    Veggies (no avocado or potatoes or carrots, these turn immediately to sugar when they hit your saliva).

    Food group 3
    Carbohydrates, rice, pasta, potatoes, non fat milk.

    Food group 4
    Fruit, eat only in the morning, on an empty stomach, about an hour before breakfast, not after. Don’t eat it at night.

    Rule… eat anything from group 1 with anything from group 2.
    Rule… eat anything from group 2 with anything from group 3.
    Rule… Do NOT eat group 1 with group 3.
    Rule… No soda, caffeines, whole milk, yogurt, avocados, bananas all of these have fat and carbos so when you want to lose weight don’t eat them. Afterwards you can.

    Picture this in your head, insulin from your pancreas is secreted, to help digest sugars, and anything digested with it will be ‘stored’ as fat. So if you want the pasta and bread, don’t have the butter or oil or meat, instead have a marinara tomato sauce, or sauted veggies with garlic, no oil or butter with carbos… remember.

    I hope this helps and if you need any help on this let me know. I will be glad to help.

  2. Queen of Ladida said :

    try or
    and read the motivation pages, they really helped me 🙂

  3. gabriel.enrique45 said :

    hey crystal how are you huny,
    i actually train people and giv them recommended programs that will work best 4 the individual i think wat u need is some1 to encourage u and get u physced up. If ur interested i can recommend u some programs that will get u to the weight u want. Or if u want visit my and i can giv u programs and encourage u and guide u to lose the weight. If u jus want some programs to do that will get u lookin the way u want jus email me at [email protected]


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