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How can I make my skin tan with out actually tanning? And how can I lose weight fast with out starving?

Okay so im like paleish and i want my skin to be tan but with out tanning. I also want to know if anyone knows how to lose weight fast and effectivly. Im 140 pounds and i want to lose weight to like 100-120. Please help!

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8 Responses to “How can I make my skin tan with out actually tanning? And how can I lose weight fast with out starving?”

  1. Mike said :

    Simple answer to both those questions is get out more. Running for example, run for 30 minutes a day and you will not only start a tan but also start to slim down. Keep in mind, some people dont tan, its just genetic.

  2. claudia_lacroix said :

    I have the solution for the weight thin i found this site on the internet i has a recipe about some slimming juice that made me lose 10 lbs in one month i don’t know what is it about but if you ask anything on the comment thing they give you recipes about everything and they are un expensive and Natural and no natural try it work for me

  3. Abby Martin said :

    put peanut butter on your skin.
    eat lots of carrots.
    drink lots of pop and eat lots of sugar to lose the weight.

  4. stars said :

    well i am in dance and ever since i started i have been losing weight.
    I lost 17pounds and still am losing weight.
    Also exercise about 30minutes a day.

  5. KEYCHAIN said :

    i am also very fair skinned. try body lotion that garadually “tans” ur skin the more u use it. im talking about actual body lotion not self tanner. self tanner developes 2 dark 2 fast & its hard 2 fix any uneven or blotchy areas.with the lotion, the tan comes n slowly & softly. of course the affects r temporary and ur tan will start 2 fade when u stop using it. many companys have these lotions, just check the regular body lotion section of walmart. also avon sells a good 1 that i have used b4 & love.

  6. Cassandre said :

    I’m 140 pounds and just fine with it. No gimmicks are gonna work, sister. One-five pounds a week is the MAX that you’ll lose in a healthy manner. So are you ready for hard work?

    – Exercise, vigorously, for at least 75 minutes every day
    – stop eating crap and drinking HFCS-laden sodas and eating whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fish, and water

    Your skin won’t be tan, so accept your phenotype. I’m pale too, and it hasn’t affected my ability to get dates, dress well, or be happy. So of course no one can stop you from spray tanning, but you’ll look like an Oompah-Loompah.

  7. Sdteg S said :

    Reduce Stress -stress also makes it difficult to lose weight. This is probably related to the issue of sleep deprivation contributing to obesity. While we tend to think of sleep and relaxation as the opposite of what we need to lose weight, the fact is we need both activity and rest to be at our best and for our body to burn fat.

  8. Unknown said :

    Abby Martin, this stuff is serious, stop posting stupid stuff.


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