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how can i look slimmer in 2weeks time?

i heard spanx is good, what else can i do

i know i shouldnt crash diet, but is there anything reasonably healthy that i can do to lose some weight quicker itl only be for 2 weeks anyway,


and also how much can i ose, my stomach and arms are main issue

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13 Responses to “how can i look slimmer in 2weeks time?”

  1. Mr. Keith said :

    A great link below to an article that targets the very question you are asking. DO NOT worry, the link is not to sell anything, just information.

  2. big_friendly_giant01 said :

    special k diet – eat 2 bowls of cereal a day – one for brekkie and one for lunch – then have whatever dinner you want (not too extravagant mind!) NO SNACKS but drinks loads of water and eat fruit – it will not only help you lose weight, but also perhaps give you a better complexion and healthier hair!

  3. samhaj said :

    just exersize

  4. ezzy said :

    just cut down on calories, but do it healthily.
    for the next 2 weeks eat around 1100 calories, a day on average. drink loads and loads of water (around 3 litres a day)
    and exercise to tone up if you want.
    exercise will also give you more calorie to eat.
    i lost around 10lbs after 2 weeks on this.

    try using to track calories and stuff

  5. Rhianna said :

    It’s unlikely you are going to lose enough weight in 2 weeks to make a significant impact on your appearance. There are no quick fixes I’m afraid, just a reduced calorie diet and vigorous exercise. It’s the only way! Spanx may ‘smooth’ the appearance of your lumps and bumps, but to be honest I don’t think it will make much difference (although granted I have never used Spanx) Try doing sit ups etc, it’s worth a shot. Congrats on your engagement by the way!

  6. Anna said :

    Drink plenty of water, you might have water retention if you don’t drink water regularly, 2 litres a day or 8 glasses, Slim fast can be good, also try sit-ups and for your arms get a sturdy chair and stand with your back to the back of the chair, hold the top and lower yourself, about half an hour of each a day, or start running, if you burn 700 calories from an hour of running it would take 5 hours of running to burn 1 pound. But research on the internet

  7. Tony B said :

    Chew the food but don1t swollow

  8. Rita said :

    Depends how much you want to lose really, but if your in the uk, there’s Lipotrim available from a pharmasist at the chemist, you’ll have to watch a dvd about it (yawn boring) and then go back and get weighed in the back and just have a little discussion about it.

    Its £36 a week and its a meal replacement programme, and you have shakes and soups.

    They taste ok, but thats all you can have, 3 of these a day.

    Considering I need to lose 6 stone to be in the ideal range, i lost 15lbs in the first week and 7 lbs the next, i didn’t feel well (obviously) after this and went onto healthy eating with slimming world.

    I’ve kept that weight off and now lost more.

    Forgot to add, its exactly the same principle as The Cambridge Diet, and Lighterlife, and Slim Fast.

  9. Lois said :

    I’ve used spanx….they are v good, they sort out the tummy!

  10. Libzzy said :

    Hey. Well i was like you i wanted to get slim for my hols. My friend recommended this fitness video called Fighting Fit Fighting Fat it helped me loads and i do it every week and I’m slim, i dropped down 2 dress size and I’m really happy.
    Hope i can help XX

  11. nagbag said :

    Spanx sells large elastic knickers etc. I doubt if these will cover your arms.
    Eat less fat, simple sugars, more fish, chicken, fruit, veg.
    Take reasonable exercise.
    He must love you as you are, he’s asked you to marry him.
    Walk tall, buy something lovely to wear, if you crash diet you could end up feeling weak and looking haggard.

  12. jensen123 said :

    Two girls who I work with dropped 25 pounds each in about 2 weeks by eating nothing but an ounce of grilled chicken and unsalted green beans everyday. All they drank was water. They also ran for an hour twice a day. It worked for them. It was a bit too drastic for my taste, but it worked for them.

  13. Chance Mailo said :

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