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How can I inexpensively help my cat lose weight?

I have a 35+ pound cat that has fat that drags the ground when he walks. He desperately needs to lose weight. What is the most inexpensive way to help him lose weight without starving him?
He lives in the house with two other cats and has a little trouble walking to the litter box. He DOES NOT like to be touched on the stomach, almost as if it hurts him. He does’t play much.

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10 Responses to “How can I inexpensively help my cat lose weight?”

  1. princessfifi12 said :

    buy a weight control formula of food for him such as Purina One…dont buy the cheaper stuff Purina One is a good quality food yet not very expensive…try walmart that is where you will get the best price

  2. Kammi H said :

    well you could cut back on his food a little bit. then get some cats toys they are about 3 to 7 dollars and he should loose some weight if he will play with them…

  3. renaelock said :

    take him for walks on a harness outside. do you have a lazer pointer? cats love those. you will need to cut down on the food intake so he loses weight. get him a kitty friend??

    edit- are you sure he doesnt have an underlying condition that contributing to his weight? this condition may even be painful to him and thats why he can get cranky.

  4. stylist8 said :

    I Have a cat named MImi!! She is 10 lbs,not as big as your cat,he/she must be soooo warm to cuddle with.But I would recommend purchasing a bag of Solid Gold dry cat food,I believe its sold at any pet store.(petco) and watch the portion size…Good luck…

  5. two_rings_one_heart said :

    He may have a medical condition, such as a hyperactive thyroid causing the weight, but more than likely he’s just a lard. Take more time to try to play with him. If that doesn’t work, try a specially formulated “light” formula for your cat, such as science diet light. That ought to do the trick, but the cat food is pricey.

  6. Alyssa P said :

    The best thing to do is to cut down portions. Feeding directions on bags of kibble often cause cats to become over weight. Feed him 2-3 times a day with half a cup of kibble. Trust me, they don’t need more than that.

  7. imaginationjas said :

    I think you should take your puss to the vets for a check up any tenderness in the stomach should be examined. Your vet can then prescribe a suitable diet for kitty. You could try good vet advice on there. Its possible its due to the stomach being over swollen with food or dragging it on floor makes it tender. Do you feed kitty a lot? An average adult cat needs two or three cat bowls of wet or a bowl of dry they can nibble at during the day. Weigh the food to check portion control and note that you can get special diet foods for cats such as hills or purina that dont cost the earth get cheaper on does kitty go out? If so someone else could be feeding your kitty with good intent.
    I hope this helps to get bigpuss down to slimpuss!

  8. Rodozy Y said :

    well get some rats in your house. No seriously it works. My cat lost so much weight after that.

  9. Torez D said :

    my mom had the same problem as a kid. she got a dog and then the dog would chase the cat and she lost more weigh or u can play wit her more like wit a mouse and string and stuff

  10. kezerian said :

    Feed your cat grain free food or treats, But make sure you don’t get any brand of cat food. you can find on this site a lot of good healthy cat food the neat thing is they list the ingredients of every food you look at.


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