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How can i increase weight (fat) loss?

I work out everyday and burn about 500 calories while biking, and running. I lift weights to help my arms build muscle, but not a lot of weight, maybe about 10 lbs each arm.
i eat a normal healthy diet, i don’t wanna starve myself.
How can i increase fat loss and weight gain without really trying?

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5 Responses to “How can i increase weight (fat) loss?”

  1. Bai ivan said :

    for half a year or more do at least 50k a day in the weekends…You will surely see a difference besides cycling isn’t only for burning cals it is also fun.. yeah and get a road bike…

  2. Bob A said :

    You can lose weight by eating less but you have to put forth an effort to gain muscle. There is a big difference between being hungry and starving.

  3. JGV said :

    If you’re doing the same exercises every time that can be a problem. You need to change up your routine week to week. Also high protein diets and make sure you get a lot of rest for your muscles to maximize their healing. Do aerobics and swim laps, these will up your metabolism. Keep on the good diet. I work out specific muscle groups ( day 1: chest, triceps, shoulders ; day 2: back, biceps; day 3: legs abs) after every workout i do at least 20 minutes of cardio, and plan at least 1 day of the week that will be my cardio day (60 minutes – usually an aerobics class + run). Start eating for fuel rather than pleasure. I eat Tilapia a couple days a week, tuna, shrimp, chicken. I stay away from potatoes and white rice. I mostly bake and broil, light on the salts, little oil and only olive oil if needed. Protien shake for breakfast, fruits and veggies for snacks, healthy lunch, protein shake for dinner. Never eat 3 hrs before bed, if you do, cottage cheese or yogurt, high protein low carb. Hope this helps.

  4. Alex said :

    Exercising and a good diet helps out tremendously in losing fat. Other ways in increasing fat loss without much work is drinking a lot of water and taking certain vitamins and herbs.
    Water helps with weight loss because since our body is about 70% water, our body functions better when well hydrated. And if our body functions better, we have a more efficient metabolism.
    Certain vitamins and herbs help with weight loss also. Vitamin C speeds up slow metabolism, choline and inositol helps the body burn fat, L-Carnitine helps break up fat deposits, L-glutamine lessens carbohydrate cravings, vitamin B6 helps burn calories, and vitamin B12 boosts metabolism. Also, I suggest taking green tea extract. Green tea extract has a lot of EGCG, which is claimed to have many health benefits including a boost in metabolism. I’ve personally taken green tea extract pills and I lost a few pounds without doing much exercise. EGCG is also a thermogenic, which aids the body in burning fats.

  5. Jake said :

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    Hope this help,


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