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How can I get ripped, muscly, six packed, aerobically fit and toned in 4 months?

At the moment I am just average build.
My ideal physique would be Achilles (Brad Pitt) in Troy.
Thanks for the encouraging words of motivation so far!!
Surely I can get some of the way there?

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11 Responses to “How can I get ripped, muscly, six packed, aerobically fit and toned in 4 months?”

  1. grimlock_grimlock said :

    Forget it!!!!!!

    Don`t bother, wasting your time!!!

  2. batman_reunited said :

    you cant mate

  3. silverbullet said :

    Sure, if you’re prepared to put 15-20 hours a week into it.

  4. Ayo A said :

    You’ll have to live in the gym but it’s do-able.

    You may need help with them body building stuff but you can’t do without being in the gym.

  5. shadowz said :

    Well, where are in the same boat my friend. I know exactly what i have to do, yet I keep asking people what should I do to have good results, I guess I just want to find an easier way.

    1. Good diet, if you want to build muscle eat a lot of protein.

    2. Run, Jump Rope, dance, or any cardiovascular exercises, got to lose all of the excess water and body fat to be able to see the six pack.

    3. Lift weights to get “muscly” and other excercises.

    4. Do all of the above regurlarly, and always have a goal in your head…… try to imagine yourself all buff and tone at the beach with all the girls check you out. You’ll see that it will be worth it.

    Hope that helped

  6. Daddy To Be said :

    Yeah but its all about the correct balance of exercises and a s**t load of hard work.

    What age are you?
    What free time do you have?
    Do you belong to a gym or have access to any equipment?

  7. birdy said :

    Yes you can but you will have to do at least 2.5 hours exercise a day, 6 days a week. A mixture of weights, crunches and aerobic exercise. Also you will have to eat right. I should consult a gym if I were you. Good luck.

  8. The Rugby Player said :

    You need a lot of hard work and a good trainer.

  9. Cybele said :

    You know how movie stars get fit for movies? It’s their job. They don’t go to work 8 hours a day, they spend the day working out. Just focus on being healthy

  10. Nick Smith said :

    Lift heavy and get with a strict diet. Check out this article for more info:

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