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how do you make losing weight fun?

i’m going to algarve, portugal in may and i’m 12st 3lb at the moment. i’m not desperately unhappy about the way i look but i do know i’d like to lose weight. at least 1st before i go. i’m ashamed to say i have no motivation whatsoever and find exercising a bit of a chore. any suggestions on what to do to make it fun and help me lose that 1st by may?

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15 Responses to “how do you make losing weight fun?”

  1. jojo78 said :

    salsa or belly dancing

  2. tristiansmithguy said :

    Cocaine. The weapon of choice for 98% of models.

  3. R.E.M.E. said :

    Get a Wii.
    And a bike.

  4. True Dat said :

    Turn on the radio and dance around the house like an idiot. Shake your hips while you vacuum. It will put you in a better mood, as well as get you moving! Have fun!

  5. mighty_mick77 said :

    Low carbs and sh@gging

  6. nelabis said :

    Dance, baby 🙂
    (and avoid binges)

  7. mishnbong said :

    get someone to sponsor you! say £2 for every pound you lose, extra bit of spending money for your hols!

  8. grease_junkie said :

    Do a variety of exercises – like treadmill, going for a run, weights etc. Have you joined a gym? Sometimes they have helpful ‘getting started’ classes that can help you be motivated. Gyms also have classes you can go to, such as spin or yoga.

  9. whiskeyflirt said :

    why not join a gym or get some friends together and join a strip aerobics always helps to have a buddy or two to kick you in the butt to get you going..

  10. Tilly said :

    give yourself a treat for every 2 pounds you loose 🙂 such a facial or massage or night out to the theatre. whatever you want 🙂

  11. atlantagal said :

    Hello! Get some friends together and start a walking group and meet up two or three times a week whenever you have time, and go walking for 30 minutes. It takes your mind off the walking and you will notice a bit of weight coming off. Also, if you go to work out at the gym, it helps to take some music to listen to, to distract you. I take my ipod with me, it has become a lifesaver. Good luck and have fun in Portugal!!

  12. Steph said :

    take a class with a friend, or just meet and workout together. working out with a friend is great because then you modivate eachother and eachother more rather than doing it by yourself. You may feel like giving up or cutting the exercise short if you are doing it alone, but if your friend is there you can push eachother to do more or have a friendly contest to see who can do more curl-ups or run farther or things like that. Plus you can gab and laugh the entire time which also helps your mind and body!
    Classes are fun too because your instructor will also push and encourage you and make sure you are doing the movements properly so you dont hurt yourself.
    If you cant find a class or a friend turn up the music and have fun by yourself. get pumped up! once you start doing it you will get use to it and it wont be so much of a chore. have fun and let go-no one will see you.
    Good luck !!

  13. alonma said :

    Try any kind of dance. I started belly dancing and went into modern dancing. I’m well tightened up and seem to be thinner then I am. (I am 145.5 p / 5.57 ft ). I dance twice a week and always think how overeating will make me heavy when doing dance movements…

  14. Peter R said :

    The best way to make it fun is to find a way where you can get good results to keep you motivated!!
    I used a diet that was recommended by a friend and I was losing 2/3 pounds every week. It really was fun to jump on the scales!!
    I lost a stone and a half in just 6 weeks!!

  15. missshoppieshoppie said :

    Get a hot personal trainer, I know it works for me….


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