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how can i loose 40 pounds in 2 months?

i am 5’5 and 160 pounds and want to loose weight how can i do this quickly

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5 Responses to “how can i loose 40 pounds in 2 months?”

  1. Laci M said :
  2. Shannon said :

    Try Proshape! I lost 30 lbs already and it’s so safe. It’s the best natural way to lose weight.

  3. C....G said :

    First you have to resist your temptation and be a vegetarian, do 250 jumping jacks run 7 laps then take a break for 5 minutes after-wards and listen to your ipod or something but no eating and do that until 2 hours had passed everyday but make sure you can walk and don’t over do it, and whatever junk food you buy save it and when you lost weight barely eat of that everyday like maybe 1/2 of a bag of chips and i mean the Little one that cause 35 cents, anyways hope this helps.

  4. Book Worm said :

    That’s 5 pounds a week, which will be really tough. I’d say eat about 800 calories a day. You willl lose the most weight in the first week, and weight loss will slow, so do NOT increase calorie intake if you’re ahead of schedule. And remember: NO PAIN, NO GAIN. You must be CONSTANTLY HUNGRY to acheive such a hard goal.

  5. Jacqueline said :

    that is probably the best question i read so far

    k u shoud probably give up fatty foods i know that seems impossible but before u take 1` bite of that junk think of how u would look if u didn’t take that bite

    also try to excersise at least one hour a day


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