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How can I get rid of a hangover ?

A hangover is one of the most annoying and painful reminders against overindulging in alcohol. Many people suffer from this the day after excessive alcohol consumption. Symptoms include nausea or vomiting, fatigue, headaches, and even disorientation.

Hangovers result from the effect that alcohol has on the body. When alcohol enters the bloodstream, you will initially feel a “sugar high,” followed by a dramatic dip in blood sugar and then dehydration. These will result in the symptoms described above. In reality, some people can get hangovers even without drinking excessively. The likelihood of getting it depends on age, gender, genetics, height, weight, allergy to some substances, and effects on certain medication that one may be taking.

Many people say that the way to relieve a hangover is to drink again. Actually, this is one of the least helpful solutions, as it will only correct the imbalance in blood sugar levels temporarily. Moreover, further consumption of alcohol may lead to alcohol poisoning. The tried and tested way to relieve hangovers is through re-hydration. Fruit juices, sports drinks, and water are some of the beverages that can help you. Caffeine may wake you up, but its diuretic properties will further make dehydration worse.

Foods that are rich in protein should also be eaten when you’re experiencing a hangover. Yogurt, cheese, bacon, eggs, or even a hamburger will help restore the normal blood sugar levels in your body. If you have a headache, ibuprofen or aspirin will help relieve the pain. Avoid medication that contains acetaminophen because it may cause some damage to the liver. Likewise, medicines that have caffeine should be avoided as well.

To avoid getting a hangover in the future, learn to pace yourself while drinking. After every glass of alcohol, drink 2-3 glasses of water so that you won’t be so dehydrated. Eat protein-laden foods as well, such as a protein shake or yogurt so as to prevent problems with your blood sugar levels.

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