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How long can I retain a 153/100 Blood Pressure and be safe? And…?

My blood pressure is 153/100 and has been like that since my Dr. visit a few months ago (my last dr visit before that was 3 years ago).
How long is it safe for my bp to be this high? My dr didn’t prescribe any meds, although in his office my bp was 154/95. He also said that I needed to lose weight and eat less salt. I’m 5’5 and 169 lbs

My other question is, if my weight has any a lot to do with my bp being high would I be able to take a diet pill. A few years ago I was on phentermine 37.5mg and had dramatic weight loss within two months (then had a baby, and packed on some weight) so I thought If I got on the pills I could loose weight quickly and lower by bp.


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6 Responses to “How long can I retain a 153/100 Blood Pressure and be safe? And…?”

  1. dreamgirl said :

    sometimes your pressure is up in the doctors office,they call it white coat symdrome..but lose the weight and eat a banana a day,it lowers blood pressure..if you don’t lose the high pressure it will cause a lot of problems the more older you get..yes you can take the diet pills.have your pressure checked regularly.

  2. Jennay said :

    High Blood Pressure coarsing through your vessels causes damage to the lining of them and can result in other problems like kidney failure, and stroke.

    Getting your blood pressure under control is important

    Salt causes you to retain fluid in the vessels (fill the tank if you will) causing higher volumes of blood to pump, ultimately higher blood pressure.

    Phentermine is a stimulant which will increase your metabolic demand and also the workload of your heart so that means higher blood pressure and oxygen demand.

    You should see your doctor (or Nurse Practitioner!) and be consulted about starting antihypertensive treatment. Don’t risk your vital organs.

    Worry about weight loss after your BP is under control. Losing weight will help the strain on your heart. Medications will start your heart not to have strain.

    Good luck!! 🙂

  3. Tracker said :

    The systolic (top number) of your BP is high, but the diastolic (bottom number) is concerning because this is your blood pressure when your heart is at rest, and what your heart has to pump against in order to get blood to all the parts of your body. That puts more of a workload on your heart, and over the long term, will cause a lot of problems.

    There’s no easy, quick pill to pop that will miraculously solve your problems. Lowering the sodium you take in will help somewhat (if you eat more salt, you take in more water / liquid in order to flush out the excess salt you don’t need, so you “store” more water in your blood vessels until your kidneys can filter it and you pee out the excess), but also exercising and getting the pump (your heart) to work more efficiently is the way to go. Cut portion sizes by half, exercise regularly, and you’ll drop the weight and feel better. Your BP will go down too.

  4. bindal said :

    Blood pressure can affect many other body organs in the long run so to keep it in control is necessary. Anulom blom pranayam can give you very positive results. Certain changes in life style and eating habits can do wonders to your health. I was advised bye pass surgery in the year 2002 but change in lifestyle, eating habits and regular yoga has saved me from bye pass surgery and my all medical parameters above average. You may get some information about lifestyle at the website given in source-

  5. toastyrachel said :

    The blood pressure isn’t going to do something drastic to you at the moment you take it. With blood pressure it is the long term affects as the other people responded to you. A normal high blood pressure is 150/90. above that it is shown that over time it will have negative and probably damaging affect on your heart, kidneys, brain. The concern is also that it will get higher and higher. There are lots of good blood pressure medicines you could take at small doses that would have a good affect on your heart too. An Ace inhibitor or beta blocker. Do you have any other health problems or family history of strokes or heart attacks? Keep getting check ups. Ask your doctor about the diet pills they can cause your blood pressure to go up. I don’t know about phentermine.

  6. Ashley E said :

    This is way too high. Normal blood pressure is 110 to 120/70. Here is what helped my sister. She stopped eating salt. Period. She also eats foods that lower blood pressure (those high in potassium). She also eats only fish, no red meat, period, and green vegetables. She got her blood pressure down to normal in 6 months.


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