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How can I get really fit for the summer?

I want to try and get fitter for the summer but i am not really losing any weight, I have been doing lots of exercises and nothing is happening. Any good tips ? Also i want to lose some leg fat so what are some good excersizes for that ?
Thankyou for helping me out !

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5 Responses to “How can I get really fit for the summer?”

  1. Sarah Neko said :

    P90X workout works great. Also just plain running does wonders for legs. U also need to eat less fatty foods to get really good results.

  2. anon C. said :

    swimming, perfect for summer makes you feel great and really helps weight lose after your first time there youll notice how tired you are ! and maybe going for walks at night its bright for so long now there is definatly time to fit in an evening walk.

  3. happyclouds said :

    jogging, sit- ups 😉

  4. K-Dawg said :

    Plan different exercises for the week. Like go jogging and during that day, eat healthy. Well it’d be great if you jogged every other day. Try going one whole week without junk food and do that every other week. Since it’ll be hot, swimming is a great exercise. Just all those kind of things. And definitely dancing, if you like to dance! Those help form legs.

  5. heart said :

    you should try belly dancing…and don’t eat,noodles,
    rice,meat,junkfood,and soda..(fastfood)
    try to eat some vegetable,salad, fruits and drink plenty of water 🙂
    (and don’t forget! and remember this!)
    ecercise!run!push up’s!every morning!!
    I’try this!!!and I’get really fit!!!!


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