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I need a realistic way to lose some weight?

Okay i weigh 120 im about 5’4.
this summer i was 108 i have no idea why i gained so much weight, itss really grossing me outtttt. so yea i want to get back down to 110 by this upcoming summer. so what are some realistic ways to lose some weight, examplesof exercises to do & what types of foods to eat?

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3 Responses to “I need a realistic way to lose some weight?”

  1. julie_spendlove said :

    I joined Slimming World 2 years ago and lost 1 1/2 stone. Its a great eating plan. Basically cut down on carbs, eat meat and veg or potatoes and veg and cut down on fats. It was a great way to lose weight and you can eat loads on it. You just need to get organised, really want to do it and you will. Its easier if you go to a club though because you feel a fool if you get weighed and have gained!!

  2. dingding said :

    Well, you’re at the perfect weight actually, so maybe you just need to tone up more. But if you want to lose a few, try keeping your carbs at less than 30-35g per meal. You’ll lose about a pound a week, and if you focus on lean meats, lean cheeses and veggies, you likely won’t be hungry.

  3. pinkysue said :

    there is only one way. eat less calories. the problem for most people is controling the urges to eat.

    cut down on carbohydrates, as when you eat some they go through your system too quickly and you want to eat more. eat protein rich foods, as these stay in your stomach for longer, and you dont feel like eating as quickly. watery soup for some very strange reason stays in your stomach for a long time and you dont feel like eating for longer.

    do i need to say low fat?

    if you eat home made watery chicken soup each day for dinner, it will stay in your stomach for longer than other types of food, and you will end up taking in less calories, and therefor lose the excess flab.


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