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How can I be strong physically, fit and have a good cardiovascular fitness?

I want to be strong physically and I want to improve my cardiovascular fitness. Unfortunately, I don’t go to clubs anymore to run a lot. So I have to depend on myself every week on Saturdays and Sundays to run. Unless of course, there is a good sport I discover, I will take the chance.

But for now, what kind of thing would you recommend me to do if I want to improve my upper-body strength and cardiovascular fitness to do every week? Thanks in advance. Help much appreciated.

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4 Responses to “How can I be strong physically, fit and have a good cardiovascular fitness?”

  1. fastfists7 said :

    try juo or Brazillian Jiu-jitsu they ar great full body workouts(Cardio Included)

  2. honeschap said :

    I would highly recommand a very good product which is a kettlebell.

    It is a nicely raw iron with many variation of exercise you can do. As for cardiovascular, “The swing” which is the foundational exercise is the best as it develops general fitness and cross over to many other sport. You can google search for kettlebell and know more about it but I believe the best website for it will be dragondoor.

    The 1st link is on description of kettlebell

    The 2nd link is my affilate link to dragondoor

    The 3rd link is my blog

  3. tennislover said :

    well u can take up some sort of martial art, which would work your whole core and all your muscles..

    you should continue your running to build up your stamina and burn the fat..

    and consider lifting weights….. at the gym

  4. jo b said :

    Start swimming as much as possible. I personally hate it but thats due to my lack of ability. If your not a solid swimmer take lessons. You may end up with a Baywatch babe type as an instructor


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