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Need a good schedule for fitness training in the gym?

Well, I am planning on joining the gym for fitness, not body building, at least for now, because Im 22, and I trying to quit smoking. Im slim but im not fit at all, but I’m not sure what kind of schedule or plan I should base my “training” on. Thanks in advance.

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One Response to “Need a good schedule for fitness training in the gym?”

  1. Charles C said :

    If you’ve not been around a gym much or had a weight training class in college, I’d suggest four or five sessions with a trainer. Tell him your goals and be comfortable setting modest goals to start. At the present time I do back, biceps and abs on Monday and Thursday and chest, shoulders, triceps and abs on Tuesday and Friday and fifteen minutes on the elliptical trainer each time. A trainer can show you the exercises for each of these body parts and the machines to use. You may want to consider the free weights later


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