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I am thirteen and i am just alittle chubby but i want to loose it. My parents say you are only soppossed to loose 3-4 pounds a week. I loose 15 and all i do is run a mile 3 times a week. I still eat fatty foods. Is this healthy loosing 15?

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6 Responses to “……..healthy?”

  1. Indie said :

    Well, what weight are you starting at? What’s your measurements or sizes?

  2. kaffegeek said :

    sheesh, what your parents should have told you was not to worry, just eat smaller portions and as you grow and become an adult nature will just make you slim.

    just be healthy in a general way .

  3. esmeralda_419 said :

    of coruse!

  4. free2flipit said :

    Listen to me!If you have a lot a tall persons in your family,you have a great chance of you getting also.You will grow out all that fat,because your bones will extend and your body will stretch.So don’t sweat it.Exercise yes,its good for your health,but you deliberately trying to loose weight,its just not your time.

  5. cbella76 said :

    try this free site

  6. Person;) said :

    hmmm thats weird. are you sure your scale isn’t broken?


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