Getting fit, any tips on running etc?

I am coming to the end of some exams and i can’t wait to throw myself into exercise. Before my exam period I was really getting into cycling and felt I was getting fitter, however that was something like 6 weeks ago, so no doubt ill be unfit again.

I plan to have a fitness regime of 1 hour badminton per week, 1 hour of swimming per week and 3 times on the bike for 30 mins a week.

I have never done jogging before, are there any tips? How much should I do at first? How much should I drink before and after (so I don’t get a stitch)? Should I fit running into my regime after so many weeks of the badminton, swimming and cycling, so as to build stamina?

Any suggestions are welcomed (serious though please).
My ambition is based on stress.

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6 Responses to “Getting fit, any tips on running etc?”

  1. Stef said:

    Well, your program is very ambitious and I would start slowly if I were you or you would run the risk of burning out.
    Start with one activity and see how you recover. You should make sure you have at least one day of rest a week.
    For jogging, start by a ten minutes program where you run for one minute and walk one minute etc…..
    Running is good for physical and mental stamina and endurance. It will help your other activities a little, but, fitness is not transferable, which means that being fit in one activity doesn’t make you fit in another.
    If you plan to run continuously for more than 30 minutes you should bring water with you. Drink half an hour before running but not just before running.
    Stitches: well…..don’t eat in the last hour before running. But if you get a stitch while you run….try not to stop, acknowledge the stitch…then ignore it. Sometimes raising the arm on the side of the stitch while you run helps.
    Watch out for exercise addiction! and make sure that you eat a good athletes diet if you are going to do so much exercise?
    What is your motivation for doing so much?

  2. jude j said:

    what you have decided is good ,jogging makes you really fresh because it increase your stamina.but before you go for jogging your stomach should be clean dont drink anything especially hot .the best time to jogg in early morning .
    dont strain a lot during first few days by keeping any target distance cover as much you can and then slowly increase your distance.go for a slow jog.
    after completing your jogging dont drink a lot of water half a cup of water is enough even you feel thirsty because your heart pump will be at peak level after your jogging so avoid too much of drinking water.
    but you should drink a lot of water after geting relaxed because your water level in your body get decrease due to over sweating during jogging.

  3. mick shaw said:

    You already seem to be planning alot of activities so running isn’t really necessary. Your don’t want to over do it, trust me i have been there when i was an athlete and i wrecked my body. If you exercise in moderation which looking at your question you are you will be ok. Try playing squash. This is a real endurance sport i play it alot. As for the drinking. It depends on the person. we are all different. Drinking small quantities before is ok as for after just drink till you quench your thirst, or drink whilst you are doing your activities, again small amounts. Enjoy

  4. Lara said:

    its best to build up your regime slowly starting out with swimming. swimming is a really good exercise as it exercises every muscle in your body. joining a synchronised swimming club is good as it invoves stretching all your muscles and really builds up your stanima. try swimming 2 hours a week at first, then about 4 weeks on add in your hour of badminton. about 4 weeks after that start to jog.

    Jogging tips

    -breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth- it stops you getting a stich and it works really well.
    -warm up with a few stretches so you dont injure yourself
    -go early in the morning and plan out your route.
    -at fist your route should be on flat ground and as you build up your stanima include a few slopes
    -take along a bottle of water with a pinch of salt stirred in so you dont get dehydrated
    -when you feel a stitch coming slow down and then if that doesnt work try a few stretches
    -NEVER SUDDENALLY STOP because you WILL get a stich and walk for about 5 minutes after you have stopped
    -keep breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth unti it comes natuarally
    -take along a no-fat chocolate milkshake for when you start to lose energy and if you become dizzy
    -take a pedometer and try to improve your amount of steps every day
    -after 4 weeks add in the bike 4 weeks after that BUT ONLY IF YOU CANT SEE AN IMPROVEMENT

    DONT RUSH THINGS you could end up really ill

  5. LIHK said:

    Set a 30 min goal for jogging. Start off with jog for 10mins, walk for 10, jog for 10. When you’re more comfortable, jog for 15, walk for 5….and so on. This will help build up your endurance to jog the whole 30 mins!

    If you think it’s too much to add jogging into your regular regime, you can always alternate it with cycling. Good luck!

  6. Chanel said:

    yeah run around the block


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