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Does it worry you, the number of young teens in this section that are dieting ?

and the amount of people who are taking extreme measures such as starvation?

I know everyone is in charge of their own body and actions, not trying to upset anyone.
i was thinking more about about young teens who don’t actually need to diet, but are convinced they ‘need’ to lose 2 or 3 lbs by next weeks etc

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9 Responses to “Does it worry you, the number of young teens in this section that are dieting ?”

  1. said :

    Yes, so scary! So many teens these days are dieting! Parents need to start stepping in and change their menu, and also cook a healthier dinner and get rid of the snacks!

    I know so many girls in my school who are worried of getting fatter, it’s quite sad.

  2. Paul RN said :

    Yes, and equally disturbing is the # of kids who are fat, and the number of kids who aren’t fat who think they are. All problems.

  3. nickdc1960 said :

    Take a look around. Too many fat people in the world today. I have never seen so many fat teenagers in my life. All they do is eat fast food and microwave dinners. They need to diet.

  4. unworthy_servant said :

    It does worry me, I didn’t worry that much about my weight when I was a teen, but I know it is hard for young girls today, because their role models are so skinny and all the tv shows and magazines tell them they have to be beautiful and skinny, it’s sad…

  5. Betty B said :

    Yes, it’s a big worry. If they live, they will all end up short (because they stunted their growth) and fat (because they messed up their metabolism) so I’ll look better next to them.

    I never had one thought about my weight when I was a teenager and did not know what “exercising” was. Lucky for me I was not exposed to crazily retouched media pictures, fast food and the computer. I was outside on my bike or walking or at the pool or the fair…I was very thin and in great shape.

    It’s especially worse now because the prom is coming and for some reason, the stores never have their sizes but always smaller…maybe we should blame the stores and how they handle their stock.

  6. Tammy_Winette said :

    To be honest, I worry more about the number of morbidly obese people there are about today, especially when it is young teens whose health is directly affected by the immense amount of weight they are carrying. Every day in my home town I see teenagers barely able to walk (waddle) because they are so fat!

  7. Enigma said :

    It really is sad. But it all comes from TV. They see their favourite movie stars, all extremely skinny and pretty, and they wanna be like them. It’s stupid, but it’s true. Or they are at a different stage of puberty than the rest of their friends, and there friends are skinnier than them. As long as you’re healthy, then there’s no point worrying about your weight, whether you think you’re overweight or underweight.

  8. Sarah said :

    omg, i’ve been doing that and I’m 11 O.O haha jkay, but i do need to loose a couple of pounds

  9. Penny said :

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