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Do fat people who are excerciseing and running and basically getting fit?

run at night and buy there own excercise equipment or sumthin?

Now i am fat (6′ and 255lbs) and i got real sick of being fat so now i work out at gym twice a day.
But.. why am i the only fatty at gym?????.

Now I assume there arent many fat people in gyms because they feel even fatter when they are around buff and ripped people right? I can understand that.

But obvously im not the only fat guy on earth, so that means they must buy their own equipment, right?? am i right?

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12 Responses to “Do fat people who are excerciseing and running and basically getting fit?”

  1. Queen SarcasticCat said :

    Those hotties at the gym are only there to meet other hotties. Keep doing what your doing and screw the rest. Your doing it right? Good luck.

  2. life said :

    They just attended the gym long before you came there. They started earlier than you. They were like you, and now they are fitter.

  3. The Boy said :

    i am starting to go for a walk every night and well i use the one piece of equipment that we have because i cant afford to go to the gym… only14 5’5″ 135 pounds. was 140 2weeks ago.

  4. pplz1st said :

    look up the tread climber

  5. imsogross7 said :

    lol i gained 15lbs during college and at my gym theres a bunch of really really overweight people which makes me feel better about myself lol.. it depends on where you live too, if it’s a town with a lot of things to do (hiking, skiing) then you might not have as many in the gym.. but fat people also do buy their own equip because some are very very self conscious

  6. Morganna said :

    I know how that is I’m the only fatty at the gym I go to. Occasionally though when I get there I will see some fat fatties leaving so maybe we just go at times that other fat fatties don’t go. I think some though do actually buy their own equipment or just walk around their neighborhood. I see people do that around here. It could be too that just not that many fat fatties are going to the gym.

  7. backthenin1931 said :

    i’m a fat dude too, i’m about 5’8” and weigh a little less than 200 pounds, and i go to the gym too. i wasn’t sure i wanted to go but then i took a tour of the gym and found a bunch of chubby people chubbier than me so…. they do come to the gym….

  8. Susan M said :

    I think there aren’t enough people who have become overweight who have your initiative.
    Some do buy their own equipment or hide when they exercise. Hey, what ever works, right?

    Keep up your hard work! I hope that you reach your goals.

  9. ebmid2 said :

    Most fat people don’t go to the gym. That’s why they’re fat.

  10. Alessandra said :

    firstly,you need to stop focusing on others and just think about yourself. you’ll be fitter when you exercise. going to the gym twice a day is great, continue doing this and you’ll be fit soon.

  11. Anna said :

    keep it up! i wish i was as motivated as you 🙂

    maybe those hotties at the gym today were the overweight guys of yesteryear…

  12. Milton W said :

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