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Can you lose weight during a hunger strike without serious health consequences?

Hunger Striking is a serious issue and I know that if prolonged can result in unfixable health problems for the rest of the strikers life. My reason for striking is my own but I want to know if, and how much if any, weight will I lose?

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3 Responses to “Can you lose weight during a hunger strike without serious health consequences?”

  1. Bluto Blutarsky79 said :

    1- YES, depending how long this “strike” lasts, you can in fact have serious reprocussions the longer it goes on the longer the risk-

    2- the problem with this is that by not fueling your body, your metabolism will slow down and your body will break down your muscles for energy-

    so your “weight” loss will also not only be fat loss, but “good” weight (muscle) that otherwise helps to burn calories and boost your metabolism.

    so when you do begin eating again- its likely you will put on more fat than you had in the first place since now you are eating the same amount of food- but not have your body operating at the level it was before to process it and will begin storing excess food as fat.

    also your body will implement a “starvation mode” reflex which is designed to preserve your life when food is not as abundant- meaning you are tricking your body into believing that food and anything taken in should be stored to help prevent you from diing from hunger- as such your metabolism slows down.

    – if you must protest do it in a way that you aren’t cutting off your nose to spite your face- chain yourself to a truck or something instead.

  2. Pam26 said :

    I think if you want to loose weight, hunger strike may not be a good option. You can go for some weight loosing products that you find in the market . Such products help you loose fat and increase energy. you may try acaiberry weight loosing products.

  3. Rekhilesh said :

    try to use acai berry products for fast weight lose!


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