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Can someone Give me a meal plan for fatloss 4 idiots?

I want to lose some weight and i want to know that mean plan it sounds good plz help

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7 Responses to “Can someone Give me a meal plan for fatloss 4 idiots?”

  1. Mario Q said :

    you have to exercise to loose fat , fat doesnt come and go when u want it to

  2. Yolanda said :


  3. Scout said :

    Go to You can get info on where to go to meetings or you can do it online. The meetings would be really good for you because you need to see that other people are doing the same thing you are. You can eat anything on weight watchers you just have to plan it and fit it into your weekly amount of food that you can have and still loose weight. Used it after 3 babies and it works and is easy.

  4. casandra said :

    Hey i tried that plan from that site. It didnt quite work for me. I am trying out this one called Truth about abs, my friend recommended this to me and it works so far.

  5. MucBen said :

    you don’t have to exercise just think about the camps in the war everyone came out at about 6 stone,

    just eat rice and stay away from pops and choc and you’ll be fine,

  6. EmoPunkGurl said :

    -Dont eat after 6 or 7 pm
    -Limit your junk food, no sodas
    -Find a favorite fruit and stick with it for a snack
    -Wheat breads instead of white
    -Exercise for 30 min everyday walking the work your way up
    -dont ever skip a meal
    -Skim milk
    -dont starve yourself your body will react negatively, it will hold on to the fat and you’ll never lose weight

  7. ~nicole~ said :

    Eat six small meals a day. Count your calories. Try to keep it around 1500 to lose. Eat lots of fruit and veggies and drink lots of water. I never eat a meal that’s over 300 calories.


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