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Can low carb diets make you feel nauseated?

Been on low carb for quite some time about a month. My appetite has slowly gone away to the point where I am not really hungry, except now the past few days I feel terribly nauseated. Stomach growling, but nothing sounds good. I had to make myself throw up just to feel better. I think I’ll go eat a bowl of spaghetti despite the carbs since that sounds comforting. Would a low carb diet have this effect?

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2 Responses to “Can low carb diets make you feel nauseated?”

  1. SexyRepub said :

    Did me the same way. I had to stop.

  2. pmuellerblue22 said :

    Low carb eating is actually the diet the human body prefers. Our ancestors millions of years ago did not eat grains, sugars, or bowls of spaghetti and they were lean and healthy. You may find that you are eating the same things over and over which gets really old. Get some new recipes and try eating a wider variety of healthy, low carb foods.


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