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Do low carb diets really work?How many carbs a day is considered a low carb diet?

for example, if i where to keep up the low carb diet for about one month and then i start eating regular, will i gain more weight? or what are the “side effects” if i where to do this?

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2 Responses to “Do low carb diets really work?How many carbs a day is considered a low carb diet?”

  1. John A said :

    Heck yeah they work, that’s how I lost 40 pounds. I would say under 100 grams of carbs a day is a low carb diet. You can’t start eating regular again, what I mean is you still have to watch what you eat because that’s how you got overweight is by eating the wrong things or too much of them. So you can eat nomally with carbs and stuff but just watch your total calorie intake. Keep an eye on your waist and if it starts getting too big cut back.

  2. resistnzisfutl said :

    Low carb diets are an excellent way to lose the short term, as long as you don’t go below your BMR in daily caloric intake. Where people run into problems is taking all cals to too low of a level and choose low quality nutrients, and unfortunate component left over from Atkins days when the diet allowed for any and all types of fats and proteins. Anything lower than 20% of your daily caloric intake coming from carbs can be considered low carb.

    As for the long term, once you reach the desired goals, you don’t want to continue back on the diet that got you into trouble in the first place. This means cutting out the processed foods, especially processed carbs, which are so prevalent in the modern diet. A diet high in lean proteins, low GI carbs and good fats spread out over the day will always produce optimum results, along with a consistent exercise regimen.


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