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Can I lose weight without having to eat fruit or veg?

I don’t like them but will eat them if I absolutely have to, to lose 4 stone in weight. I used to drink every night mostly red wine but stopped over a month ago as my doctor said it would help to lower my high blood pressure.

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7 Responses to “Can I lose weight without having to eat fruit or veg?”

  1. murzy said :

    exercise maybe yoga

  2. princess88 said :

    There are some nutrients in fruits and vegetables that are neccessary. If you take multi-vitamins and get the nutrients somewhere else, then you don’t need to eat them.

  3. David said :

    Of course – it’s not the vegetables, bu the total calorie intake vs output.

    Four stone is a lot – you’ll need a good number of months to lose it safely.

    There’s no quick and easy way. If there was, everybody would know about it and use it, and the inventor would be rich.

    Avoid fasts, fad diets, crash diets, diet pills, internet bargains and the like. They won’t help you, and could very well hurt you.

    Weight loss is achieved when you burn more calories than you consume… so if you eat less and sit around, you won’t lose weight.

    You need a combination of healthy diet and reasonable exercise to stay in shape.

    And there’s no such thing as “permanently” You can always gain weight back by tilting the equation the other way. If you want to keep weight off, you need to keep eating healthy and exercising.

    High protein, low fat, minimal good carbohydrates, and sugar-free liquids to keep you from getting dehydrated.

    There are plenty of good nutrition sites on the web that can help you.

  4. Aquatix said :

    All you need to do is make sure you’re burning off more calories than you’re taking in. Regular exercise will do this for you, as well as improve your cardial fitness as the same time. The exercise has to be good quality though, not just doing a short burst, try doing it for about an hour or two, doing activities which will burn energy well. Something that uses strength, like swimming or continuously pumping weights tend to do this well. The aim of the weights is not to improve strength by keeping on increasing them, but setting a machine to a lower setting (but not too low) and continuously using it burns calories effectively, while you are sitting.

  5. jigokusabre said :

    Losing weight comes down to one thing, and one thing only:

    Calories consumed vs. Calories burned

    If you eat less food, and become more active, the weight will fall off. It won’t happen fast, and it won’t be easy, but it WILL work. The hurdles are these:

    1. Laziness. Excercise is hard, and half of that hardship is sticking to a daily exercise routine. You have to set aside ~30 minutes for 5-7 days of cardiovascular exercise (walking is great for weight loss, but stairs, running, swimming, aerobics et. al. will work). ~40 minutes of resistance excerise 3 days / week will help prevent the weight you lose from being “muscle” weight.

    2. Hunger. In order for excercise to work, you have to burn more in a day than you consume. The average adult uses 1200-1500 calories maintaing itself (read, sitting and doing nothing), in the course of the day, your routine job / travel / living activities can burn a few hundred more. Try to keep your calorie intake below 2000, and you should be set (assuming that you’re exercizing regularly).

    Look for foods are that high in fiber, protein, and nutrients, and have lower caloric values. Avoid sugars and alcohol, and “empty” calories.

    Eat often, beacuse skipping meals will cause your metabolism to slow (because you body is putting itself in “save calories / starvation” mode). 3 meals a day and some snacks will keep your body thinking that food is steady incoming, and thus will not drain your metabolic rate.

    Fruits are likely to be higher in calories than meats and dairy, so you could avoid them, just be sure you’re getting your vitamins from someplace. Vegatables are not usually high in calories, so they’re a good way to fill up without getting to far up on that calorie count.

    My last bit of advice is not to worry about fats. Just so long as you excercise regularly and keep the calorie count down, then your obdy should be able to keep your fats in line.

  6. mike h said :


    Getting to a HEALTHY weight, with a healthy body fat level for your gender and age, and with a fully balanced and healthy lifestyle is very easy.

    You only need to do two things, eat healthy and excercise.

    First of all you have to eat a healthy diet. This doesn’t mean go on a crappy fad diet or starve yourself!!! It means that you make sure you eat 4 or even 5 small to medium meals a day. Each meal, apart from breakfast, (preferably fibre rich with fruit) should have a combination of protien (chicken/fish/soya etc), carbohydrates (pasta/rice/potatoes/etc), and vitamins, minerals and antioxidants (fresh fruit and veg). There are many easy ways to incorporate all these into every meal. This also doesn’t mean you can never have pizza/takeaway/chocolate/etc, just save them for the occassional treat.

    Secondly you do need to EXCERCISE. Cardio excercise is anything that will get you out of breath, your heart rate pumping and you sweating (running, swimming, cycling, etc) and is necessary for burning calories, shedding body fat and improving your overall fitness levels. Strength training basicaly improves the muscles and tones your body, this comes from weight training, core training (sit ups/planks/etc), stretching (such as yoga) and dynamic training. This is necessary to keep your body strong and supple and will also help you lose weight and tone up by increasing your metabolism.

    This is only an extremely brief overview, but both of these are necessary to lose weight healthily, keep it off, and have a strong healthy body.

  7. mansionghost said :

    Try the Lil Jack workout Program


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