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Any of you runners ever tried a low carb diet?

….and if so, did it effect your running? I can’t get these last 10 pounds off but enjoy running 20-30 miles a week. I’ve tried Low calorie/low fat but it doesn’t seem to work. I started a low carb diet a couple of days ago and already see results. However, I’m concerned that it might make me too tired to keep up with my running schedule. So far it hasn’t had any impact but I don’t think I’m completely carb depleted yet.

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2 Responses to “Any of you runners ever tried a low carb diet?”

  1. Brian C said :

    Runners require carbs so it doesn’t really work out too well. You can eat as many carbs as you want if you have the drive to up your intensity and/or your mileage per week.

  2. SanD said :

    I was running about 45 miles per week and still couldn’t lose some post-pregnancy weight so I did the low carb diet. The first week of running/low carb SUCKED–but by about day 8, it was MUCH EASIER to run long runs (over 12 miles) with no carbs than my usual diet AND it took less than a 6 weeks to lose about 20 pounds. Plus, I was able to return to my normal diet and running schedule and KEPT all the weight off!

    Give it a try for two weeks–HAPPY RUNNING!


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