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Advice about medical insurance?

I’ve a chronic groin condition which will cost a small fortune to fix as I’m not insured. As it’s a non-emergency though, and I can tolerate the discomfort, would I be able to get medical cover, “forget” to tell the insurers about my groin problem and then suddenly become “injured” two or three months down the line? Would this work?

Yes, I can put up with the pain during exercise but not forever. This seems the only option. Any advice?

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3 Responses to “Advice about medical insurance?”

  1. Vins said : – here is my health insurance plan. As I remember they can provide such a service.

  2. Larry said :


    I would be pleasure to give you some better suggestions. May this will help you. Why don’t you consult your near by insurance agent so that you can get better information regarding medical insurance. After insurance you can also protect your insurance.

    Just log-on to some of the better medical insurance payment protection websites which provides you medical insurance protection.

    for your help i can search and give you a good website from UK:

    May be these people can help you for some what your problem……

    God bless you….


  3. jonathan said :

    2 things here may answer your question, first off , no you have no cover as if your conusulted doctor, specialist etc it will show on your record and any previous or chronic condition is not covered, if it is a chronic condition you may never get insurance on it as chronic conditions are said to be there forever. Secondly if its not chronic then a moritorium medical cover maybe good to take because that works like this.. anything you were ill or suffered from for the last 5 years will not be covered but for the first 2 years of cover if you suffer no symptoms or illneses resulting from the last 5 years illnesses then you will get cover for them starting on the 3rd year. hope i explained that ok


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