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Can you still get medical insurance when employed if you have a pre-existing condition?

I am seriously looking for a new job. The only thing is that, not only must I be able to get medical insurance through the job(the sooner the better), but I have a pre-existing condition.
I am more concerned about the pre-existing condition and whether they would still offer me insurance
So I wouldn’t be able to get insurance through the company unless I waited, sy, 3 months like everyone else, and then another waiting period for my pre-existing condition after that?

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4 Responses to “Can you still get medical insurance when employed if you have a pre-existing condition?”

  1. Skootz said :

    Each company has it’s own waiting period. Check about COBRA coverage and see if it’s something you can have until your new policy takes effect. COBRA is kind of a gap insurance so if you lose your job, you have a short period of time to keep the coverage until you can do something else. Unfortunately, the cost is usually more than we can afford because of a job change or loss. If you have coverage where your company pays part of your monthly premium, once you go to COBRA, you have to pay the full amount since your company will no longer pay their part. Kind of sucks. Good Luck anyway…

  2. larry f said :

    Yes, if your company has “group insurance”, they cannot deny coverage. Although, there is usually a waiting period on pre-existing conditions 60 days -1 year. I’m sure each company is different. Your employer should have a package explaining any details. Hope this helps!

  3. Wray E said :

    Most insurance policies do not insure individuals with pre-existing conditions. You may want to consider using a Provider Access Organization. I have a medical plan that covers pre-existing conditions, no deductible, or co-pays, and all specialist and ancillary services are included. Since I can’t afford traditional insurance, this is the best alternative to save money on healthcare cost. If you like, check out and research the medical plan info, it’s on the bottom left of the page. I hope this helps, if you can find insurance for your pre-existing conditions.

  4. Synthiea K said :

    Usually a waiting period, especially for a pre-existing condition. A Discount Health Benefits provider is probably your best bet for the meantime. Check out and contact me if you have any questions.

    Good luck!


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