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What is the best medical insurance to have in australia?

We have just moved from uk to sydney and don’t know what medical to get. we have no medical problems. So need basic cover for doctor, dentist etc.


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3 Responses to “What is the best medical insurance to have in australia?”

  1. justme said:

    Basic doctor attendance is covered by Medicare, so private funds do not do a cover for them. For dental, optical, and other ancillary practices, the best insurance cover varies from state to state, and many of them require you to combine it with a hospital insurance cover. I would suggest you contact the various ones, and get quotes on the cost and cover.

  2. Ozmaniac said:

    If you don’t have permanent residency, you’re only covered for emergency medical care and that doesn’t cover routine visits to the doctor, or elective surgery or a host of other things. If you do have PR, then routine doctor visits and all public hospital care is covered, but not dentists, physio, chiropractic, spectacles, hearing aids etc. You probably already knew all of that, but my point is that the best cover for you will depend on your own circumstances. The type of medical insurance that’s best for citizens and PRs is quite different from what’s required for tourists and people on temporary work visas.

    I shopped around not too long ago when I had to change funds, and ended up with Medibank Private (hospital plus top extras) because they had a package that suited my circumstances and they have offices in all of the large shopping centres which makes claiming very quick and easy.

    You should shop around and compare the various offerings in the light of your needs. Many people find that private hospital cover with some level of excess (co-payment) is the most economical way to go if you want to be able to jump the public waiting list queues and the level of extras cover you choose should take into account the types of services you’re likely to need. Most of the larger funds have several packages from which you can choose.

  3. John M said:

    all medical funds are similar but also different the best way is to ring a few and get quotes that met your need not the insurance’s companies needs


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