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Which slimming group is best?

I am really bad at motivating myself so i was thinking of joining a slimming group, but which is the best one that offer the best value for money and where you actually see results? I think in my area there is Weight Watcher’s, Rosemary Conley and Slimming World. Has anyone done either of these and have you seen results?
Also are there any others that i have missed that you may feel are really good?

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7 Responses to “Which slimming group is best?”

  1. Roger said :

    You just thought in your area – are you kidding? Sometimes you must think for yourself!

  2. ice said :

    Allen Carr’s Easyweigh to Lose Weight sessions. Only takes on session and your well away. I just lost 4 stone! You can buy his book or you can click on this link and find out about the sessions.

  3. Alex said :

    Slimming World – you have more of a choie of what you can eat. I am doing it and lost 2 stone really pleased
    Good Luck x

  4. mandyxxxtamsyn said :

    My mum’s been doing weight watchers for years and the results are never permanent, but my friend did slimming world and she’s been looking fantastic so that is definitely the one I would recommend 🙂

  5. Mumsey said :

    The Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness Club is definitely the best – it is based on really sensible eating – you don’t have to buy special foods.
    It is also the only slimming group that actually does the exercise in class instead of just telling you to do it.
    Also the people that run the classes have to have lost weight with this diet and must keep to their optimum weight.
    It’s great fun too

  6. Julie-Ann said :

    Hi there!

    If you want online support then you could try

    They offer motivation and support via online and will help you to loose 1 stone a month in a safe and swift way.

    Have a look at the site for more information…

  7. The Wail of a Banshee said :

    Hi I have tried most clubs and after joining slimming world for the second time I have lost 4 stone.
    I have been following the green diet ,im not vegetarian but I prefer potatoes ,pasta and rice.


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