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when do you actually notice fat/weight loss?

like in the morning? or as soon as you workout

i know it takes time…but when does the fat loss actually occur?

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2 Responses to “when do you actually notice fat/weight loss?”

  1. egsnacklove_lakers said :

    The fat loss occurs when you start burning extra calories.
    Depending on your habits and exercise, itll take at least 2-4 weeks to see results.
    One pound is 3500 calories. It’ll take 7-10 pounds to actually see the difference in before and after.

  2. Kyle M said :

    Fat loss occurs as you burn calories. If you’re looking to completely redo you entire look I’d go over to and get the #2 program on their top programs. It’s a great buy and will have you droppin weight like no body’s business!


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