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When will i notice significant fat loss?

i run 30min at 4m/h at 6.0 incline 5 days out of 7 a week
i only eat around 1600 calories a day (used to be probably about 2200)
im 16 5’8″ and weight probably like 160-170

How much do you think i will lose in the next two weeks???
When do you think i will notice a difference in my size????

any stories you want to share about weight loss would be greatly appreciated!

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4 Responses to “When will i notice significant fat loss?”

  1. ~bLiNg$Ta~$hArAaR~ said :

    google is your friend…

  2. lilpacothe3rd said :

    2 weeks abt 5 pnds it u eat 1600 strictly for 2 week str8 no cheat days since u running giving u the extra effect im 5’8 and 156 i eat 1700 calories a day and run for an hour u will see a different u might shed som fat and som skin if u keep the eating habit up right….for better effect eat more protien and less fat to your diet

  3. M M said :

    Yes you will lose weight.

    Actually, let me correct myself, you will lose fat. You may gain weight because you are gaining muscle mass from the running. Muscle weighs more than fat. If you don’t notice anything on the scale, you will notice after a few weeks that your pants are looser. If you are presistent and keep it up every day, and watch what you are eating (making sure you eat less calories than you use and eat a variety of food or take a supplement to get your vitamins and minerals) you will get healthier and lose weight.

    I have been doing a pretty heavy workout for the last month and my pants are looser although I haven’t lost as many pounds as I want to. But I see a significant difference in my legs and arms in terms of muscles.

  4. chimpmunkproof said :

    depends what your eating for those 1600 calories. I would try to eat 6 times a day but yea youl lose weight. I lost 30 pounds on the abs diet and now have a six pack and am ripped so I strongly believe in that diet or as I like to call it the abs lifestyle. Good luck buddy.


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