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What weight healthy for a 23 year olf 5 ft 7 girlie?

I’ve recently weighed myself and found that I have dropped a couple of stones and now weigh 10 stones – I look and feel healthy but am hearing so much conflicting stuff about how much I should weigh – I don’t know how to feel! What, in your opinion, is a healthy weight for someone of my age and height – I’m assuming I’m healthy because my resting heart rate is 64 beats per hour, running 15 miles a week. Thanks !

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6 Responses to “What weight healthy for a 23 year olf 5 ft 7 girlie?”

  1. granster5000 said :

    Sounds perfect. I envy you!

  2. maxiumus said :

    i would say about 8 stones 12 pounds

  3. Edders said :

    Quit worrying about it. You sound healthy and you do exercise so who cares what your ideal weight is. Go and have a donut or something!

  4. Salinah said :

    Dont worry….for your age and height you are perfectly normal and healthy…dont let the pressure from the media and celebs get to you.

  5. Nellie said :

    Sounds OK to me, I’m 5’4″ and weigh 10 stone. Although I don’t look it, I’d like to get back to 9 stone, but have had two children and not as young as you are.
    I’d be proud of yourself.

  6. Maryam M said :

    LOL. I have never heard of stones, we use pounds as units of weight (america). Well, according to the BMI you are in the normal range, even up to 151 pounds u would still be in the normal range, or should I say 10.71 stones… You’re healthy.


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