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what should i choose to do?

i am 5ft 7in i weigh 169lbs i want to know how to loose weight quickly without spending money or anything like that. i want to loose like 30-40lbs. o and im 12. like please help cuz everybody make fun of me and call me cow

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4 Responses to “what should i choose to do?”

  1. Mike S said :

    I have a feeling this is a serious question. Have you talked to your parents about this? Maybe they could take you to the doctor and the doctor could give you some advice. Try not to stress out about this too much. The people who say that stuff to you are just trying to make themselves feel better. If you can’t talk to your parents then talk to a councilor at school okay? Everyone should be able to feel good about themselves, and if you aren’t happy then you need to talk to someone about it.

  2. Samantha said :

    No sugar, no bread, no white foods…and do not eat anytime after 6.

  3. Jason said :

    first off try to ignore the childish remarks of immaturity. Some people have a hard time losing weight try jogging and eating smaller meals what ever you DO NOT not eat your body will think it is starving and will stop losing weight trying to protect itself please remember people come in different packages we are not all the same and at 12 you should not have to deal with this but it happens and I am sorry that it is happening to you be happy with yourself and your body and no matter what others say it will not make a difference have confidence. I hope things work out for you please please do not let the ignorance of some to keep you down.

  4. Dylan B said :

    mate, your a unit. don’t worry, you will grow out of it. enjoy it, no one will push you around. i have had friends a tad bit smaller than you, but they just grew out of it. and admit that they eat more than they did when they were bigger. remeber, your 12 champ. your right mate : )


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