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what medicine can you take after receiving the flu vaccine?

My husband received the flu vaccine on 12-21-09. Now he has body aches and low grade fever. I wanted to know if he can take over the counter medicine to help reduce his fever and pain. But keep in mind he received the flu vaccine a week ago. Any advise out there would help.

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4 Responses to “what medicine can you take after receiving the flu vaccine?”

  1. Colors said :

    Just give him 3 or 4 times a day two tablets of 500 mg of Paracetamol
    That lowers the fever and will ease the pain.
    Been there done it.

  2. Connor said :

    He should call the doctors office that gave him the injection immediatly. Esspecially if he got the H1N1 vaccine. My dad had the same reaction to the H1N1 and he was in the hospital for over a week.
    Flu vaccines do little to nothing in preventing the flu anyways. They serve no point.


  3. JH said :

    I agree with Conner. Flu vaccines are pointless. And yes, you can take Tylenol for the body aches and fever.

  4. prwagner3 said :

    If you’re in the US, Tylenol would be the way to go.


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