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What kind of health diseases are more prone to women then men?

I need to find out some information about the Chinese culture. What are some health issues that women face in China?

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2 Responses to “What kind of health diseases are more prone to women then men?”

  1. Hottie 101 said :

    The best thing to do, is to get on
    Then just type in your question, or type in women diseases in China.

  2. dnn_nvrr said :

    Women are more prone to mental illness specifically depression. They are more likely to attempt suicide for this reason. They live longer than men however they also suffer worse health. They are more likely to suffer osteoporosis and of course certain cancers. There is good news though, women are less likely to die in accidents and up until menopause are less likely to have heart attacks. Chinese women are generally smaller, so suffer more complications, such as tearing during childbirth. Asian women living in western cultures have a greater diabetes risk too.


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