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What is the best way to swim to lose weight?

I am going swimming tonight and would like to go regularly to lose weight, but I have heard it isn’t as effective as running etc. I am quite a good swimmer, mostly doing breast stroke and can go quite fast with good technique. Would it be effective if I did bursts of really fast swimming mixed in with slower, more controlled strokes? How many lengths should I be looking to do? The session is 1 hour.

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8 Responses to “What is the best way to swim to lose weight?”

  1. Wee Trojan said :

    swim as often as you can because your weight is supported by the water. Use the crawl for two laps and then breast stroke to catch your breath and ensure you do not get cramp. Build up each week until you can do a total of 60 lengths then try to do them faster.weight guaranteed to drop but muscle will build up so you may not lose too much as muscle is heavy but you will be fit!

  2. Samantha May said :

    I would suggest doing the cruel aswell, as it is faster, and should help you to loose even more weight, try 2 to 4 lenghts of this (depending on how many you can do) 🙂
    And as for breast-stroke try doing about 4 to 6 lenghts.
    But don’t over-do it!

    Hope i helped ^.^

  3. snicket said :

    front crawl. you can lose up to 11 calories per minute.

  4. kiddy_Clever said :

    I am 15 too.
    I started swimming when i was 15 ( 6 months ago )
    I started hard throwing msyelf into 6 hours a week ( ignore starting easy the more swimming you do the better you become )
    I then moved to now 20 hours a week only 6 months in.
    I have put on 2 stone in muscle weight. And my upper body strength is amazing comapred to ever before.

    How ?
    I suggest you find a 25m pool ( 50m is not good too start with )
    If you are training for a perticular event ( i siwm free and back and fly not breast so most my training is based around these )
    Swim whenever you can. I find that recovery from a swimming session is not long unlike running or such.


    I eat 3-4k calories a day which fuels the amount of swimming.

    I really dont know what to put else but if you want i can draw up swim training plans which we use in our professional club. I can help explain drills and such to help improve you and technique etc. Its too mcuh too wirte here.

    Need some swimming advice, just e-mail me / msn.

    [email protected] ill be glad to help

  5. Mai said :

    Eat lots of fruit and vegetables but lay low on the carbs and saturated fat. Also don’t starve yourself and don’t skip meals it make you hungrier and then you will eat more the next meal you have. Only have 3 meals and don’t snack.

    while you are at work try lifting weights during spare time like those 3lb one and wear ankle weights to. when you get home put on a tv show and just do squats and lunges they are easy and fast things that will help alot.

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  7. Marshall Habib said :

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