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What is the best way for a teen to lose weight?

I am 15, and I have had problems with my weight. When I look at myself in the mirrow I see a really fat person. I am about 5’2 and about 160lbs. I wanna lose enough weight so that I’m not emberraced about how I look in a bathing suit. I wanna be able to get slim and fit in the quickest and healthiest way posible. Please help me!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know what’s wrong I don’t eat much candy or sweet snacks other then yogert.

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9 Responses to “What is the best way for a teen to lose weight?”

  1. Sammy S said:

    Well you gotta eat healthy foods, exercise with some cardio AND strength training thrown in, and get enough sleep and water. About 30 minutes of medium to heavy cardio three to four times a week should work, but remember to supplement the enrgy lost with some carbs. Also, strength train, not lift heavy or anything, just light to medium weights with a lot of repetitions. Get at least 7 hours of sleep. And drink plenty of water.

  2. Hailey B said:

    I would suggest that for 2 weeks eat as you normaly would and write down everything you stick in your mouth and the time you eat it. Then after the 2 weeks look at what you wrote down and see how you can limit some things or even at the times you ate, try to get yourself busy so you wont really think about eating. Really if you want to lose weight the secert is Eat Less Workout More. It’s that simply. And trust me you will loose weight.

  3. Maryam said:

    I suggest swimming 🙂 1/2 an hour a day.. Eat lots of fruits and veggies.. But make sure you balance things out, include proteins and fat but in considerable amounts, counting calories can help too..

  4. Type Name Here said:

    I have almost the same problem, but not quite as much. Start a sport and remember to eat healthy. I started basketball and lost 5lbs…I probably would have lost more if I had a better diet.

    Good Luck!

  5. LorenzoRed said:

    Because you are so young, if you will just get out and exercise, the weight will drop off of you. When I was 16 and 150lbs. at 5’1″, I was required to do PE by the school. We were required to jog laps. Run the straight part, walk the curve. I lost 30lbs. and looked great by the time prom came around. If you can’t or don’t want to join the track team, go after school and jog the track. Or around your neighborhood. The high school here locks the gate to the track , so I like to go to the elementary school. They have a track, too, and it’s not locked off. And those little kids just aren’t as intimidating as the high schoolers 🙂 If you aren’t overeating, all you need is some exercise. Lots of luck to you!!

  6. Sarah said:

    I know how you feel! I’ve struggled with my weight for a long time (I’m 23 now) and I’ve just recently lost some weight and feel great about myself. You’re not really that overweight, and probably only need to lose about 20 pounds.

    Anyway, the short answer is that there is no “quick” way to lose way in a healthy way. The best thing I’ve found is Weight Watchers. I did the online plan because it’s cheaper than attending meetings; you just have to be serious and hold yourself accountable to the plan. It explains everything and teaches you how to eat in a way that leaves you satisfied but still taking off pounds. When you put in your personal information, it will tell you what the healthy weight for your height is, but you have to take into account your body type, too. I am also 5’2”, and it told me my ideal weight is about 125 pounds; however, I have a bigger bone structure, so I went with 140 instead. So far, I’ve lost almost 35 pounds and am only 5 pounds from my goal weight. Nothing will help you lose weight as fast as you want to, but you will see fast results with Weight Watchers and you will continue to lose, as well as learn how to eat so that you don’t gain back. As long as you stick to the plan, I promise you will lose the weight and feel great! Good luck!

  7. Jennifer said:

    The healthiest way is to exercise 5 days a week, and cut between 200-400 cals a day.

  8. Cher K said:

    Eat smaller portion sizes when you eat. Drink lots of water, do more walking. When you feel you are up to it walk faster and further. My sons bedroom is on the top floor, about 20 steps. I walk/run them everyday. Find little thinks to keep you doing things besides watching TV or on the Computer. If you don’t have time to run steps or another exercise routine, walk around while you are on the phone with friends, little stuff like that. You wont get skinny overnight, but in time you will look at yourself in the mirror and can’t believe it’s you looking back at you. Keep up the work and don’t get discouraged.

  9. finafoshizzle said:

    work out a lot! join a gym or just go runnning everyday. Also do weight training. Avoid high fat meats like beef and dark meat of a chicken. Also dont eat the skin of meat. Try not to eat too much butter and saturated fats. If cutting caloires and excercise dont work, go to a doctor. maybe you have a metabolic disorder or thyroid problem.


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