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What is the best prescribed acne medicine?

I’m 16, and have the basic teenage acne and I want to get prescription acne medicine but i need some opinions. Thanks!
I want it in pill form, i already tried proactive.

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7 Responses to “What is the best prescribed acne medicine?”

  1. Jennnnaaaaaa said :

    proactive or skin id stuff

  2. valgal995 said :

    just tell your doctor that you want pill form and what you have tried or haven’t tried so far. they will give you the best type for your skin.

  3. Nagem said :

    The dermatologist gave me two different antibiotics. They somewhat helped with the redness. However I think the most beneficial acne medication I used was Differin. It is a prescription cream. You use it at night and in the morning. You have to use lotion also because it can dry out your skin if you have a combo complexion.

  4. Brit the Green-Eyed Gladiator said :

    You should go to a dermatologist. People always say they are expensive, but if you have insurance they aren’t. Derms will KNOW what is right for you and you wont have to keep trying products that dont work. It worked for me!! Good luck hon! (:

  5. David s said :

    SI, proactive is scam, I could finally find a solution for this problem,read this blog before taking any action
    Thanks to this blog, it helped me a lot to find the best method.
    Hope this helps

  6. kirssstens said :

    La Roche Posay Effaclar K acne treatment fluid. Long’s drugs $19, online $15 or in your dermatologist office.

  7. Doug Graves-Witherspoon said :

    (Ro)accutane is by far the most effective prescription medication. If you are worried about your acne you should talk to your GP or dermatologist and they may prescribe it to you if your acne is severe enough.


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