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What is the best fat- burning/weight loss pill?

I want to at least maintain my weight, but can afford to lose a few pounds. Im overwhelmed with college work and go to a top ranked “food-school.” Any suggestions?

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5 Responses to “What is the best fat- burning/weight loss pill?”

  1. James W said :

    The two best of them all:

    Fucothin and CLA Tonalin (Conjugated linoleic acid)

    Both increase fat metabolism, CLA especially for ‘resting’ metabolism, good for those ‘lazy days’.

  2. Chelsea R said :

    The two best weight loss/ fat burning pills?

    –diet and exercise

    I’m a college student, too… an engineering student, to be exact.. so I have a lot of trouble getting out there and exercising… the best thing I’ve found is to get your friends involved.. join a group fitness class at your university gym or something… if you get your friends involved then this will be your chance to hang out with them as well as have a good time exercising.. really, it’s the ONLY time I get to see my friends… and, yes, it puts me behind on my work a little bit, at least, more than I’d like to be… but there’s things more important in life than straight A’s in college… your body is the only one you get and you should take care of it….

  3. YiYi said :

    Thermogen Plus Tea

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  4. faizal said :

    i suggest you..Green Tea Purity purifies, detoxifies, and cleanses! The 3000 year old traditional of drinking green tea for wellness

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  5. Billy C said :


    Take a look at they have alot of things from exercise video’s to diet patches. I hope that helps.



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