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What is the benefit of having breakfast every morning?

I usually don’t bother eating cereal or toast before I go to school because i’m normally too busy, I just wait until break or lunch time until I eat something.

Why do people eat breakfast?

and is it true that if you eat breakfast every morning, you will naturally be slimmer than those who skip breakfast?

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24 Responses to “What is the benefit of having breakfast every morning?”

  1. Apple Jack said :

    i don`t have any

  2. NavyGrl79 said :

    it gives your metabolism a boost for the day and the energy you need not to be tired all day

  3. champagne said :

    Breakfast kick starts your metabolism for the day ahead.I have my breakfast every morning at 5am.It gives me energy.

  4. 21st Century Playa said :

    eating a breakfast starts your metabolism miving and you will have more energy and more likely be slimmer. you will be using fat and crbs or whatever straight away!

  5. sosgez said :

    You need carbs to fuel you through a busy day.
    Eating breakfast will make you less likely to think about food and eat bad snacks, Try a banana or 2.

  6. nisey said :

    it is true that if you eat breakfast in the morning you are less likely to gain weight, and it also is the most important meal of the day, we need it to keep us stong

  7. 3foot6 said :

    you should eat breakfast because it will help you concentrate at school. yes people who eat breakfast will be slimmer because you will work of the calories during the day and dont eat too much before bedtime so you will be hungry in morning

  8. chuckler said :

    The body functions much better with a source of energy in the morning and the brain can function more efficiently too especially from a source of oily fish protein. So poached eggs on toast with smoked salmon is ideal. Oily fish is also good to create healthy skin preventing dryness and cracking-and helps us to deal better with stress also.
    Source-The Daily Mail and the tv programme-The Truth About Food.

  9. Steve W said :

    I am on my swim team at school and the school doctor or nutrition lady says , breakfast is the most important meal, cause it fuels you/me for the morning!

  10. Jim D said :

    eating in the morning jumpstarts your metabolism

  11. Bexs said :

    I never used to bother with breakfast then started to feel really light headed in the morning and couldn’t concentrate at work. I now make sure I have breakfast – even just a wheatabix before I leave the house, just to get my sugar levels up – bananas are good – great for slow release energy and you can eat them on the go. Remember, your body has gone without food for about 10 hours by morning time and it will need something.

  12. in_my_opinion said :

    There is scientific evidence (lots of studies) that prove those who eat a healthy breakfast in the morning are more likely to eat less throughout the day and are less likely to binge on food. This all helps aid weight loss.

    They say to eat breakfast (cereal, whole grains, fruit, low-fat dairy, etc.) to start your day and give you energy. If you wait until lunch your body is probably in starvation mode and you’re more likely to overeat or stuff yourself b/c your body wouldn’t know when it is full. (It takes a while for your mind to gage what the body feels).

    Plus when your body is in that starvation mode, the food you do eat will be metabolized a lot more slowly than if you eat regularly b/c your body will cling to every calorie it gets as it thinks it might not get food again.

    Suggestion: grab a piece of fruit, a cereal/granola bar, or some yogurt w/ low-fat granola and eat it at your desk/at school/in the car, etc. Take it with you if you don’t have time to make the time for it.

  13. fluffer said :

    eating when u wake up starts ur metabolism
    if u dont eat sometime first thing, when u do ur metabolism is slower then it should be

  14. Izetriyen said :

    eating a decent breakfast will prevent you from snacking later. it will give your body and brain the boost it needs to function normally…that goes for keeping trim.. If you skip breakfast your body metabolism may slow down…then hanging on to the quickie junk food onto your body. Hey, your body is smarter than you are. learn from it. 😉 peace

  15. Citizen said :

    I don’t normally have breakfast, but would be prepared to have breakfast with you (purely for research, you understand).

  16. maurice said :

    breakfast is the most important meal of the day jennifer. there is an old saying: you should eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and supper like a pauper. breakfast fuels you for the day and the subsequent meals top you up.

  17. brad a said :

    breakfast is simply this: When you sleep you fast for ever how many hours you sleep so in turn breakfast is really break the fast. It jump starts your metabolism allowing you to burn more calories that day than you would if you skipped it. Think of it like this your car wouldnt go very far on an empty tank.

  18. resistnzisfutl said :

    There are several reasons why a good breakfast is benificial and healthy.

    For one, your body is “fasting” mode after not eating for several hours, so it’s in a catabolic state where it’s reducing muscle building in favor of retaining bodyfat. So having breakfast literally does “break the fast” and allows your body to continue on a more anabolic state. Remember, lean muscle is always better than bodyfat.

    Also, your metabolic rate is lowered when the blood and muscle glycogen stores are low, which means insulin levels are raised. So, if you continue like this, the first calories you get will more likely be stored as bodyfat first until your insulin levels reduce.

    There have been many studies showing a correlation between adequate nutrition and cognative and physical performance. If you are “fueled up” before you start your day, you’ll be more productive and be mentally sharper. Not only does the body need fuel to perform its best, the brain needs fuel, too.

    It is true that you’ll be more naturally slimmer if you eat breakfast. Aside from the reasons mentioned above, the more you keep your diet steady throughout the day starting as soon as possible, the more your body will reduce bodyfat production. The key to this also is to keep active and make sure your caloric intake is appropriate to your activity levels (no matter how your diet is, if you take in more calories than your body needs, it gets stored as bodyfat).

  19. BrInG_mE_tHe_HoRiZoN said :

    idk, i ussually dont have breaky either
    i just have a ciggy and some coffee

  20. devilish_angel said :

    It’s good for your metabolism. And it is advised for those on a diet to eat breakfast because it can help prevent mid morning snacking.

  21. wanwmn2006 said :

    many factors, Energy, Body Nutritions, Skin. Breakfast is the very important meal!

    try to drink a shake, for example Herbalife Formula 1, it’s the milk shake with all the vitamin and potein you need for the day. give you good nutrition, and healthy body with nice looking skin!

  22. Call Me Babs said :

    It gives you energy and it helps regulate your body. I don’t think breakfast will make one person slimmer than the next.

  23. lucyenyc said :

    It stops you from picking and snacking before lunch apparently

  24. Terence Ashdown said :

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