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What Is The Age Limit To Do Food Lover Fat Loss System?

Well,I am getting food lovers fat loss system later. I am wondering what is the age limit for food lovers fat loss system, so I would not get in legally trouble. Please I have a nutitional appointment in february and I want to know the answer. It is bugging me..
Thank You For Use Your Time To Read My Question and Hopefully Answering It

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One Response to “What Is The Age Limit To Do Food Lover Fat Loss System?”

  1. Paisley said:

    I don’t believe that it would be illegal to use a method of weight-loss because you’re past a certain age o.o It would probably be more illegal to say that you’re not allowed to, due to some kind of discrimination.
    Basically, you’re fine. Unless you’re in some ass-backwards country where they don’t let people above a certain age lose weight. (No country does this…)


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