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Where can I get the Food Lover’s Fat Loss system for Free?

I was just wondering if anyone knew where I could get this info for free. I understand if the program is personalized for each person, then you would need to pay to get info for you. But if it is just info that anyone could use, why do we need to pay so much money for it? It would just be nice to find this info without paying an arm and a leg.

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One Response to “Where can I get the Food Lover’s Fat Loss system for Free?”

  1. SalvadorD said :

    You really can’t get stuff like that for free. I mean people write books to help other people lose weigh and stuff, but they have to make a living you know.

    But you can go on a diet and just eat good clean food that’s nutritionally dense such as fresh fruits and vegetables and that will help you lose weight if you need to.

    The best I could do for free was that I found this video that explains how to lose stomach fat. Maybe this will help you:


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